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liNear Quote

The results of any planning are finally used to set up quotations or tenderings. For large projects in particular, it is required to maintain an overview of the costs of all trades. By using liNear Quote you may create detailed tenderings including lots, trades, titles, positions and sub-positions. Via the GAEB interface you may obtain tenderings which lead to a meaningful price comparison list. Cost calculation according to DIN 276 is supported as well.

liNear Quote – an ideal instrument for tendering and awarding. Lean and efficient!


Automatic import from liNear programs via ASD
You may create your tenderings via direct import of materials from the liNear products of the families Desktop, Building, Analyse, and Design 3D – directly with the item texts from the manufacturer data sets.

Project manager and address database
By using the project manager you may manage all your quotations or tenderings – it is quick and easy via search criteria and filters. You may store contact data of architects, specialist planners, building owners, etc., in a central database.

Text manuals
Neutral and manufacturer-specific comprehensive text manuals are already included in the scope of delivery. Text blocks contain short and long texts, and, optionally, prices as well. Further, a standard services book interface is contained as well.

Freely definable structure
You may set the requested level of detail of the tendering yourself. To that end, lots, trades, titles, positions, and sub-positions are available to you.

High-performance editing
Different input formats (single line, short text, long text) and editing functions such as moving and copying of lots, trades, and positions via drag&drop enable creative working.
Putting up a quotation
The program offers comprehensive calculation aids and discounting functions for putting up quotations.

Important export formats
The following established import formats are available: GAEB, ASD, UGS, Datanorm, and Excel.

Cost estimation and calculation according to DIN 276
Due to the option to store text blocks with prices and cost groups according to DIN 276, you may create cost estimates and calculations with liNear Quote as well.

Price comparison lists
You may import bidder quotations via GAEB and create price comparison lists including ideal and average bidder. You may easily export these lists to Excel for further use.

Editing printouts
As in all other liNear programs, you may adjust the printouts by using the print mask editor supplied with the tool. You may edit logos, font sets, font sizes, etc., according to your requirements.


At a glance:

  • Creating specifications lists via input or direct import of materials from the liNear programs Availability of input and output to all established export/import formats (GAEB, Excel, Datanorm, and UGS interface)
  • Setting the requested step size for the numbering of positions (automatic renumbering)
  • Comprehensive editable print masks
  • Import of material detections from the ASD file
  • Comprehensive text manuals of manufacturers
  • Cost estimation, calculation, and quotation according to DIN 276
  • Creating and managing bidders as well as import of bidder quotations via GAEB
  • Automatic consolidation of positions with identical item numbers
  • Option to create comprehensive address data bases