The liNear Language Packs - Seven languages are available

We provide you with seven languages, which you can use and combine as interface or print language. In this way it is possible to design in one language and to print in another. Particularly for international projects this is a great advantage, since complex translations are no longer necessary. With English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Turkish and Italian, seven language packages are available for the user interface and printing. There are no additional costs for the language packages.

Full Language Packs – User interface and printouts

With the liNear Full Language Packs you can use all licensed programs of liNear in the selected language. Both the user interface and the printouts are available in the desired language.

Print Language Packs – For your printouts

With the liNear Print Language Packs you can output your results in the selected language. All printouts are automatically output in the respective language. The ideal addition if you work in one language and need to deliver results for international clients in a different language.

One language license for all programs

You purchase a language license and can use the selected language in all liNear programs.