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Heat Load Calculation
according to DIN EN 12831

liNear Building Heating – Heat Load Calculation according to DIN EN 12831

In order to determine the heat load of a building in accordance with standards, a physical model of the building, starting with the building materials, the room components, the geometric division into storeys and rooms as well as temperatures, must be detected in a structured manner. liNear Building provides many input aids such as tables, standard references, copy functions, quick dimensioning, etc., in order to make this process as simple as possible.

At the same time, the program offers you the necessary flexibility to enter changes during construction progress and update the calculation with minimal effort. The calculation results are output in the forms according to EN 12831. Software that thinks for you!


Heat Load and Panel Heating/Cooling Calculation

Heat load calculation for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Russia and Turkey as well as panel heating and panel cooling calculation according to DIN EN ISO 11855.

Automatic Transfer of Building Data from CAD

With the help of Building Analyse, you can transfer the entire building geometry from AutoCAD or Revit, including room and adjacent temperatures, with just one click. Changes in the CAD can be transferred directly, whereupon the calculation is automatically updated. 

Dimensioning of Radiators and Panel Heating/Cooling and Transfer to CAD

With the help of complete radiator databases, all radiators and panel heating/cooling systems in the building can be automatically dimensioned corresponding to the determined heating load using the quick dimensioning mode. Dimensioned radiators can be added to floor plans and labeled, as well as detailed installation plans for dimensioned panel heating systems. Associative labels are automatically updated when changes are made.

Further functions

  • Easily create and copy building sections, storeys, apartments and rooms for faster detection
  • Transfer and automatic drawing of the dimensioned components into CAD including labels
  • Parametric data model for easy changes across all modules
  • Extensive material library for defining components
  • Quick and easy calculation of U-values
  • Faster input by creating standard components
  • Automatic updating of already drawn radiators
  • Complete material compilation
  • ASD, Excel, GAEB and UGS export