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Construction for Ventilation

liNear Desktop Ventilation – Construction for Ventilation with AutoCAD / CADinside

Whether schematically in the pre-design, in the floor plan or isometrically in the outline or implementation planning: liNear Desktop Ventilation offers the right tools for productive work for all design phases. Efficient and accurate.

From ventilation and air conditioning systems in hospitals to administrative buildings or for industrial use: With the liNear toolbars, routing commands, connection functions, automatic legends, slot design assistants and much more, you can draw calculable systems. Make use of fast, clean and perfect documentation. With the option of an automatically generated 3D model.


All Functions in Quick Access

With the liNear Multi-Function Board (MFB) you get access to all relevant functions. The user interface that speaks your language and immediately makes you more productive. Including drawing assistants that guide you step by step through your tasks.

Support of all View Types

Work with schemes, floor plans or 3D isometry: depending on the design phase or application, you decide for yourself which working method is economical and useful.

Automatic Connection and Autorouting

The liNear Desktop provides a powerful connection command for the automatic connection of components. The program automatically suggests all possible connections and you select the one you want. This saves time and facilitates the construction.

Further Functions

  • Symbols for the trades ventilation and architecture (freely expandable)
  • 2D air duct design & 2D ventilation components for detailed design
  • Slot and opening design
  • Work on 2D and 3D underlays: DWG, DXF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc. including design assistant for roof constructions
  • Parts lists with short and long texts
  • Automatic legends
  • Freely placeable sound absorbers, fire dampers, etc. with automatic transition generation