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Useful helpers
including IFC export

liNear Desktop AddOn Tools – Useful helpers including IFC export

Often it is the little helpers that help to make the daily workflow much easier. With the liNear Desktop AddOn Tools you get some tools to help you achieve just that.

As in the design process are diverse CAD systems in use, the data exchange is often time consuming. Especially the IFC format becomes more and more important to make a BIM process possible. But also the DWG and DXF converter does this adjustment in accordance with your preferences. In clearly designed dialogs to change colors, line types, text styles, etc. according to your standard. These changes can be saved for specific projects and therefore can be used again in future projects.

In addition,you can assign the components in your drawing with facility management information. This helps the owner of the building to manage it and often it is part of the requirements specification. Existing FM data bases can also be loaded into your drawing.


IFC Export including all Meta Data

Use the powerful IFC export to share your results in a BIM process. Select exactly what you want to export and your selection of metadata for the installed components will be output.

Import and Export of Facility Management Information

Assignment of information for facility management and import of FM databases.

IFC Import of the Architecture

Import the architecture as an IFC file and base your design on it.

Further Functions

  • Selection of the trades to be considered for the export
  • DWG/DXF converter to convert and automatically adapt to generally accepted and saved standards (colors, line types, text styles, etc.)