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Siphonic Roof Drainage

liNear Desktop AddOn Siphonic – Siphonic Roof Drainage with AutoCAD / CADinside

Based on Desktop Water you get here special tools for roof drainage.

A powerful network generator for roof drainage systems (siphonic drainage) with or without roof information. Especially CAD inexperienced users can generate roof drainage systems graphically with the help of this program.


All Functions in Quick Access

With the liNear Multi-Function Board (MFB) you get access to all relevant functions. The user interface that speaks your language and immediately makes you more productive. Including drawing assistants that guide you step by step through your tasks.

Support of all View Types

Work with schemes, floor plans or 3D isometry: depending on the design phase or application, you decide for yourself which working method is economical and useful.

Network Generator for 2D and 3D Design of the Open Drainage

Using the network generator, you can design the open drainage in either 2D or 3D quickly and easily.

Further Functions

  • Configurator for roof and balcony drain
  • Kostra-interface for access to location-dependent statistical rainfall rate
  • Fixing assistant