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3D Air Duct Construction

liNear Design 3D Ventilation – 3D Air Duct Construction with AutoCAD / CADinside

Air duct systems require space, which is why such systems receive particular attention already in early design stages. With liNear Design 3D Ventilation you may build your three-dimensional and realistic systems in no time. You may derive all views and intersections from one and the same model. With any modification, all remains synchronized. This means precision and productivity in one step!


All Functions in Quick Access

With the liNear Multi-Function Board (MFB) you get access to all relevant functions. The user interface that speaks your language and immediately makes you more productive. Including drawing assistants that guide you step by step through your tasks.

Simple 3D Design

Powerful construction tools (connecting, installing, turning before / under / above other components) for quick-and-easy construction. Automatic connecting of ducts and devices.

Device Configurator for Central Air Handling Units

Central air handling units can be assembled with the device configurator. All necessary dimensions, connections and operating areas, e.g. maintenance openings, are assembled and placed in the drawing. Drag & Drop, Cut & Paste and Zoom supports the simple assembly of equipment in one or two levels. The configurator supports the XML interface for exchanging with dimensioning programs of ventilation equipment manufacturers.

Further Functions

  • Insertion of components into the air duct including suitable transitions and air duct flange profile
  • Dimensioning aids for size detection
  • Automatic connecting of ducts and devices
  • Automatic 3D generation of calculated single-line drawings
  • Real-time collision check
  • Wide range of components to choose from, e.g. air grilles, grilles in general, sound absorbers, fire dampers, and many more
  • Construction with reference edges and easy detection of asymmetric transitions
  • Material classes for steel sheet, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics, and brick ducts
  • Automatic selection of sheet thicknesses depending on edge length
  • Integrated storey table and liNear snap mode to control construction height
  • VOB-suitable duct and insulation bill of quantities, compilation of air duct flanges with profiles and corner angles, parts lists and position lists including all fittings
  • eKlimax interface