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3D Plumbing and Plant Design

liNear Design 3D Pipe&Power – Intuitive 3D Design with AutoCAD / CADinside

This is pipe design that leaves nothing to be desired, featuring an easy-to-learn operating concept that makes a difference. Build your three-dimensional and realistic systems in no time. Derive all views and intersections from one and the same model.

With any modification, all remains synchronized. This means precision and productivity in one step!


All Functions in Quick Access

With the liNear Multi-Function Board (MFB) you get access to all relevant functions. The user interface that speaks your language and immediately makes you more productive. Including drawing assistants that guide you step by step through your tasks.

Simple 3D Design

Pipe design with routing function and pipe classes for creating the fittings with millimeter precision (integrated slope construction). Automatic connection of pipes including transfer of media, materials, dimensions and pressure levels.

Generators and Configurators

Manifold generator for the production of assemblies including pumps and valves and configurators for tanks, plate heat exchangers and other devices.

Further Functions

  • Insertion of components with suitable transitions and flanges in existing systems
  • Real-time collision check
  • Automatic 3D generation of calculated single-line drawings
  • Connection editor for your own 3D components
  • Automatic connection of pipes including transfer of media, materials, dimensions and pressure levels
  • Automatic bolting of the entire construction (bolts, nuts, washers) with complete transfer to the parts list
  • Predefine insulation materials and show or hide them with transfer to the parts list
  • Consideration of deductions for welding seams, gaskets and insertion and bolting depths
  • Manually or automatically assigned item numbers
  • Material lists, parts lists with item numbers, sawing lists for pipes, item lists