liNear Analyse Cooling – Cooling Pipe Net Calculation with AutoCAD / CADinside

There is a great difference in the requirements of a cooling pipe network calculation compared to those of a heating pipe network calculation. In particular, the testing of the use of approved materials and the media data for refrigeration are directly usable advantages. liNear Analyse Cooling is the optimal solution to meet these requirements.


Integrated Pipe Network Calculation incl. Redimensioning

The pipe network calculations of liNear are directly integrated into the CAD and allow direct access to the construction. Thus no interface between drawing and calculation is required. No more data exchange problems. The redimensioning can thus be carried out automatically directly in the model.

Various Methods of Calculation

Extensive options also allow you to calculate complex networks under different assumptions (e.g. automatic hydraulic balancing with nested control levels and different temperatures in the network).

Extensive Visualization Possibilities

Visual feedback of input values or calculation results can be used to quickly and easily evaluate a wide range of data. Dimensions, materials, but also velocities, pressure losses and much more are perfectly visualized by coloring the network.

Further Functions

  • Calculation in every design stage and display type directly in the CAD model
  • Calculation of cooling convectors
  • VDI 3805 interface for valve data sets, shut-off valves, differential pressure transducer, differential pressure regulator, volumetric flow controllers, regulating valves, fixed resistances
  • Extensive range of refrigerants and specific generic materials
  • Georg Fischer data sets COOL-FIT and COOL-FIT ABS
  • Extensive adjustment possibilities for the calculation boundary conditions (maximum velocities, valve authorities, active pipe diameters, fixed pipe dimensions for existing systems, etc.)
  • Saving of calculation results directly in the model
  • Exact bills of quantities including article numbers in all standard formats (ASCII, GAEB, UGS, Excel, etc.) incl. material check