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liNear Informationspflichten

Information to be provided

Information to be provided under Art. 13, 14 GDPR of liNear GmbH

The transparency of the processing of personal data is essential for safeguarding the rights of data subjects, our customers, interested parties,
suppliers, service providers and our employees. We would like to fulfill our legal obligation and inform you, the persons concerned, transparently about
our processing of your personal data.

On this page of our homepage we provide the essential information.
If you would like to view the complete information, please contact our data protection team:

Name and contact details of the controller
liNear GmbH
Im Süsterfeld 20
52072 Aachen

Controller: Jürgen Frantzen

Phone +49 241 8898010
E-Mail infolineareu

Basic information

PROCESSINGCustomer dataSupplier dataApplicant data
Purposes for which the personal data are to be processed



quotation and accounting



quotation and accounting


application procedures
data categories



qualification, work experience



Personnel service provider
Legitimate interests pursued by a third party




Categories of recipients



Personnel service provider
The controller's intention to transfer the personal data to a third country or an international organisation

ZAccess to customer data by partner companies on the basis of EU standard clause contracts



Obligation to provide the personal datacontractualcontractualcontractual