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For sixty years, POLOPLAST has found innovative answers to technological questions involving plastic pipe systems and polymer compound materials. Intelligent systemic solutions in and around building services and civil engineering have helped the company to develop from a regional niche supplier to one of the leaders in the European pipe industry.

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POLOPLAST company profile


POLOPLAST develops and produces high-performance plastic pipe systems for a multitude of applications. Modern building services engineering, particularly issues such as energy-efficient construction and comfortable living conditions, are in the focus of the business line "Structural Engineering". This structural engineering business line offers POLOPLAST products that guarantee the safe and flawless supply of the most valuable of our vital substances: drinking water. Hydraulic structures for sanitary engineering are the main focus in the civil engineering business line. Here, POLOPLAST is the partner of infrastructure, sewage and water supply boards.

The high performance of POLOPLAST'S pipe systems is based on decades of experience in the multi-layer technology and its continuous further development. They comply with the highest market demands to quality and represent safety, reliability, longevity, recycling, sustainability and first-class service.

In the Compounding business line, POLOPLAST processes basic polymers by using various additives that optimize the property range of plastic materials for specific purposes. These options are very wide and depend on the required properties of the structural component. POLOPLAST develops and produces special compounds for its own needs and for other plastics processing companies that are suitable for demanding applications.


POLOPLAST has its headquarters in Leonding (Austria) and a subsidiary in Ebenhofen (Germany), with a total of about 370 employees.


PURE PROGRESS builds bridges between the past and the future, and shows the values that the POLOPLAST brand has always stood for. With flexibility and creativity, passion and commitment, POLOPLAST'S employees go new ways. They seek progressive and market-oriented solutions, which the customers accept with enthusiasm, and optimize products and services. PURE PROGRESS is the unrestricted commitment to our corporate innovative strength that signals the path to the future, both to our employees and our customers.


It is the employees who give POLOPLAST its identity, credibility and solidarity. Their variety and versatility determine our corporate culture; their commitment and inventiveness bear innovation and sustainable growth. Appreciated performance, the conveyance of the feeling that work makes sense, the creation of additional value, clear management principles, open-mindedness in communication, mutual respect: these are the values POLOPLAST takes on responsibility for: Employees are proud of "their" company and love to work at POLOPLAST. 


Since the company was founded in the 1950s, the aim has been to pursue a successful niche policy with strong branded products. POLO-KAL®, on the market since 1957, is the best example of POLOPLAST's consistent brand policy: the first generation of the house drainage pipe system, made of grey PVC, was regarded as an essential component of the following generations. From 1960 POLO-KAL® was manufactured from the high-quality material ABS, also in grey color, and was named POLO-KAL HT (HT = high temperature resistant). A decisive, forward-looking innovation succeeded in 1994: POLO-KAL NG (NG = New Generation), a sound-absorbing, multi-layer building drainage pipe system made of PP, was launched on the market. POLO-KAL NG distinguishes itself from the standard grey of the drainage pipes. Until today the color pigeon blue emphasizes the uniqueness of the POLOPLAST building drainage pipes and is a unique feature of POLO-KAL NG. It is now protected by trademark. In 2013, POLOPLAST set completely new standards in the field of building drainage with the market launch of POLO-KAL XS (XS = eXtra Fast, eXtra Slim, eXtra Still, eXtra Safe), the fourth POLO-KAL® generation, and once again consolidated this supporting foundation for the future.

The brand name of POLO-KAL® has a history that reaches back as far as 60 years. It represents continuous innovation, reliability and invariably high quality – of the highly sound-insulating plastic building drainage pipes of the fourth generation. The recognizability value and the commitment of POLOPLAST to the brand are thereby increased. These are essential components of POLOPLAST's brand policy.