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ABA BEUL, now in its fourth generation as valves and cast components owner-managed factory, develops and produces valves and systems for building services engineering in Attendorn, Sauerland. The implementation of innovative ideas with the highest precision and quality in red brass, stainless steel and brass, through a committed focus on potable water hygiene and customer benefits - these are the declared claims of the company and its employees.

ABA BEUL is an owner-managed, medium-sized company that has been producing at the same location for 120 years.

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- Trinkwasserarmaturen
- Zirkulationsregulierventile
- Spülstationen für Trinkwasser (Hygieneassistent ab CAD Solutions 15.09)

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ABA BEUL (CAD Library & Product Data set)

ABA BEUL has been a liNear marketing cooperation partner since 2014.

In the course of the partnership, CAD components and a calculation data set will be provided for the liNear software. 

The product data set contains valve data for the potable water pipe network calculation.

The CAD library includes potable water valves in 2D and 3D.

The following product groups are available:

  • Quickturn piston valves
  • Quickturn UP valves
  • ABA-flow potable water hygiene with concept
  • Quickturn eControl
  • Quickturn control valves
  • Quickturn water meter combinations

The data set is suitable for the following liNear software solutions:

ABA BEUL about liNear

liNear and ABA BEUL - together they enable the user to easily dimension and design: all data of the ABA BEUL range of building services engineering is available to users of the liNear software free of charge. The interactive liNear Hygiene Assistant supports users in the dimensioning and design process of ABA-flow hygiene systems.

ppa. Rüdiger Heller
Head of Sales / Marketing
Manufacture of valves and cast components


ABA BEUL company profile

ABA BEUL puts the spotlight on hygiene in potable water for decades.  The company, which is a technical leader in the sector of potable water shut-off valves, became known with hygienically safe and dead space-free QUICKTURN piston valves. From sampling valves and accessories to ABA-flow hygienic flushing stations "Connect" for medium-sized and larger objects, ABA BEUL offers a comprehensive range for numerous applications in potable water installations for building services engineering.
The guideline for drinking water (German: TrinkwV) and its accompanying standards and set of rules require operators of drinking water systems to create suitable, preventive facilities to prevent contamination of drinking water by bacteria (e.g. legionella) or viruses.

In hospitals, elderly homes, schools, hotels and commercial buildings, wherever parts of drinking water systems can not always be operated as specified, drinking water hygiene is of particular importance.

Based on the proven technology of the flushing stations ABA-flow "Connect", but detached from the idea of central control via a building management system, the particularly compact ABA-flow flushing stations "Comfort" and "Basic" were developed.
They can be used to implement cost-effective "single unit solutions". They are also used where stagnation in drinking water systems can not be avoided or where the recommended temperatures according to VDI/DVGW 6023 can not always be maintained.

The particularly compact systems ensure automatic hygiene flushing in drinking water for cold and/or hot water pipes (PWH/PWC). They are already preset at the factory with parameters for operation in cold water pipes so that they are ready for use right after installation. 

Any parameter changes are made using the system software supplied with each system. Simply set a check mark to change the operation of "cold water" to the preset parameters for "hot water".

  • ABA-flow "Comfort" implements flushing plans for water changes according to a schedule with defined volume and temperature. Optional external volume and temperature sensors allow additional monitoring according to plan and use.
  • ABA-flow "Basic" provides flushing plans for the water change according to schedule with defined volume.

Integrated data storages save date/time, flush volume, temperatures at flush start and flush end depending on the variant. Both variants feature a standard-compliant, sensor-monitored free outlet with odor trap for each pipe.
PU foam with numerous installation-friendly mounting options encases the red brass valve sections cast in one piece.            

With the ABA-flow product series, ABA BEUL has succeeded in supplying the market with products that comply with existing regulations and ensure, promote and improve the quality of drinking water in the best possible way.