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As a member of the Würth Group, IVT GmbH & Co. KG is an international well-known company with innovative solutions for sanitary and heating connection systems as well as solar thermal systems. IVT is located in Rohr (Franken) and produces highly flexible and oxygen-tight pipes made of PE-X as well as rigid multilayer pipes for use in panel heating and cooling systems as well as for radiator connections and sanitary installations. The solar heating system, which is marketed under the Latento brand, with highly heat-insulating solar stratified tanks and powerful vacuum tube collectors, was also developed in-house.

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IVT data sets and CAD libraries

The IVT product data includes floor heating systems as well as pipe systems for heating and potable water.

PRINETO panel heating and cooling systems:
– tacker system with tacker needle and fixed rail
– nobb board system
– dry system
– industrial panel heating
– concrete core activation
– wall systems
– floor heating thin-film system

PRINETO pipe systems for heating and potable water installation systems:
– plastic pipe systems
– radiator connection systems
– connection technology and valves

The data set is suitable for the following liNear software solutions:

IVT company profile

Universal pipe systems and high-performance solar heating systems made in Germany
We are leaders in the field of plastic pipes. This is confirmed by the positive feedback received from our more than 5000 installers and specialist trade partners. The extraordinary quality of PRINETO tubes and LATENTO solar systems is the result of our distinct pioneering spirit. We simply enjoy working passionately on even better solutions and continuously question existing products and systems.
The joy and enthusiasm for innovation can be felt from the first moment you enter our company headquarters in Rohr near Nürnberg: there is a relaxed, but at the same time highly concentrated, professional atmosphere with a lot of smiling people. It has been shown that this combination is the perfect breeding ground for great innovations - as the more than 30 patents and utility patents that our team has developed since the founding in 1994 impressively prove.
With our local presence and our quality management according to ISO 9001, we are sure that we can continue to meet the requirements of our customers even in the future.

“The secret of IVT’s success? All our employees are united by the eternal urge to improve and optimize products or processes. This ceaseless urge to discover, which we admire in children, get often lost during adulthood. We have preserved it.” Ingrid Zürn, Managing Director IVT GmbH & Co. KG.

We produce our pipes and storage tanks in Germany - firstly because we are convinced that the products are better and secondly because we can react, test and start faster if one of our developers has a new idea.