At liNear Marketing Cooperation (LMC), there are only winners. As a manufacturer, you benefit from the fact that your products are already considered in the design process, which increases the probability of a resulting order when the building project is implemented. Furthermore, providing your data set free of charge is perceived as valuable customer service. Yours and our customers benefit from tested manufacturer libraries that make their designs more detailed and their calculations more exact. Tenders can be served at the push of a button and orders can be 
executed conveniently.

A clear WIN-WIN situation. 

The LMC partnership
You have the products and we have the network to get them to where they are needed – directly to the customer. Benefit from our long-term experience within the integrated design with BIM. Let your products become a highlight in digital design processes. 

Our products, markets and customers
For more than 30 years, we have been developing software solutions for MEP design and have been able to establish ourselves as a technology leader. Besides the German-speaking region, we are also able to inspire more customers worldwide with our solutions day by day and thus also position your products in the design there. 

Data sets – the quality is crucial
Professional data sets contain technical product information and 3D geometry incl. information about e.g. connections, size, type and medium. Furthermore, they map not only individual products, but entire product ranges as current as possible, allowing them to reflect your available portfolio in real terms. Wrapped in a generally valid format (e.g. VDI 3805), your perfect data set is created. 

CAD Browser
The liNear CAD Browser is the central place for all CAD data. Here, the liNear users can find all components of our industry partners clearly sorted. With the direct interface to the CAD system, your products can thus be drawn directly into the model or existing components in the project can be replaced by your products. The integrated CAD viewer allows a preview and besides the CAD models, your technical information, product descriptions are also stored here. 

Dataset availability – always accessible & up-to-date
Your data set is available and now? How does the MEP designer get your data set and how does he know about updates? How does liNear ensure that your products can be used smoothly now? These questions are elementary to turn a good data set into a performing service and this is exactly the area, which makes us your strong partner. We ensure easy availability and continuous distribution of your product data sets. 

Software solutions
Would you like to offer your customer suitable software solutions? No problem – especially for you as an industry partner, we developed customized solutions. Starting with cost-efficient solutions for the construction industry up to your own full version with your branding, everything is possible. 

Marketing support
Along with the creation, maintenance and distribution of your product data sets, you will have a front row seat in our communications. The partnership is actively communicated outside the company and you are an integral part of our advertising activities. In addition, you have the opportunity to publish your own content prominently and receive important input for your sales via our leads service. 

Your contact persons:

Wilhelm Zirbes

Industry sales

Office +49 (0) 241/889 80 10

Andres Castell-Codesal

Industry sales

Office +49 (0) 241/889 80 10