ZEWOTHERM develops, produces and sells integrated, efficient energy and heating systems for modern home and building technology. In the perfect interaction the Panel heating/Panel cooling, Heat pumps, Drink water installation, Residential ventilation as well as Home stations provide reliable, timely product solutions in each building project.

A coordinated service package for planning, consulting, technology, logistics, installation, commissioning as well as product and sales training completes our range of services.

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ZEWOTHERM data set

The ZEWOTHERM data set contains the product data for the following systems:

Panel heating/cooling systems

  • ZEWO Stapler
  • ZEWO Knob Object
  • ZEWO Flat

The data set is suitable for the following liNear software solutions:

ZEWOTHERM company profile

For over 20 years, ZEWOTHERM (short for "future-oriented energy and heat systems") has stood for holistic energy and heat systems for house and building technology.  Starting with systems for panel heating (i.e. low temperature systems), we recognized early on that this heating system is the focal point for connecting environmentally friendly systems for energy generation and storage.

As a committed family business, we are "personally" involved in the market and with our customers with what we do and are: close to nature, environmentally conscious, innovative and flexible. Deeply rooted in this awareness for energy and the environment, we have consistently expanded our core competence in panel heating to include modern and comprehensive heating and energy systems. Owner-managed and independent, we can react quickly and flexibly to the constant demands of the market and our customers.

We develop, produce and sell combined systems that enable the heat generation, storage, ventilation, distribution, regulation and control of an entire house. More than 200 trained and experienced employees ensure that your projects run smoothly. This includes first-class products, comprehensive planning & support and the guarantee that one system component fits with the next. This perfect coordination also enables a reliable interface design and ideal system connection with high installation safety.

For our partners and customers in the three-stage sales channel, we take short and fast routes to meet our claim "ENERGY. BEWARE. LIFE.” more and more every day. Building owners, installers, planners and other partners from the modern housing industry and, in particular, the HVAC wholesale trade benefit from our holistic product solutions and coordinated service packages.

Because one thing is, clear: if you want to take environmental protection seriously, achieve climate targets and really drive the energy revolution forward, then there is no way around energy- and (cost) efficient systems of ZEWOTHERM.