Wavin is an innovative solution provider for the building and infrastructure on several continents. With more than 60 years of experience, we are prepared to meet some of the world's biggest challenges: Water supplies, wastewater disposal, climate-resistant cities and building services.

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Wavin data sets and CAD libraries

Wavin product data sets contain the following systems:

Pipe systems:
– Heating
– Potable water
– Waste water

The dataset is suitable for the following liNear software solutions:

Wavin company profile

Wavin is an innovative solution provider for the building and infrastructure on several continents. With more than 60 years of experience, we are prepared to meet some of the world's greatest challenges: Water supplies, wastewater management, climate-resistant cities and building services. 

At Wavin, we focus on creating positive changes in the world and our passion is to create livable and lovable places. We work with city managers, engineers, planners and installers to make cities future-proof and buildings comfortable and energy efficient. 

Wavin is part of Orbia, which is dedicated to a common goal: improving life around the world. Wavin employs more than 12,000 people in over 40 countries worldwide and operates under brands such as Wavin, Amanco and Pavco.

In addition to Wavin's well-known system solutions, Wavin is constantly developing new solutions for the challenges ahead. At Wavin we know that choosing the right pipe system for projects is not an easy decision. Especially when it comes to sound insulation pipes or the topic of drinking water hygiene. But of course we also know that sewage and drinking water pipes are only a small part of the new building. Increasing noise regulations and more complex hygiene requirements of customers and end users are making this component in particular increasingly important. Here, one should not rely solely on the experience gained from previous construction projects, but look for the ideal and future-oriented solution. And we at Wavin have worked hard to make your decision easier. Wavin is committed to extensive research and development work in this area.

The latest solutions from Wavin are the premium sound insulation pipe Wavin AS+ and the unique Tigris K5/M5 installation pipe system with the acoustic leakage signal.

The development of Wavin AS+ was more than just the continuation of a success story. Rather, the current and future requirements of specialist trades and planning offices were incorporated into the product design. In the course of construction efficiency, the new system will be faster and safer to install. A new seal with an integrated lubricant, combined with a hexagonal chamfering of the spigot ends, sets a new benchmark in terms of speed on the construction site, so that the insertion forces that occur when making pipe connections are reduced many times over.

Wavin's brand new generation of fittings, the Tigris K5/M5, has been developed from scratch by adapting the design ideally to the needs of the installer. The Tigris K5/M5 builds on the success and reliability of its predecessor Tigris K1/M1 and is the first of its kind with the innovative acoustic leakage signal. The new fitting generation Tigris K5/M5 has a highly innovative acoustic leakage warning system. When the leak test is performed with air, the unpressed fitting produces a loud, very audible whistling sound (80 dBA) for easy localization of the leak. All that is required for the test is a simple air compressor on site, which proves the tightness of the installation with 0.15 bar. The advantages of this dry leak test are obvious:

  • It is not necessary to supply the construction site with water at an early stage
  • The possible legionella risk due to stagnant water until commissioning is eliminated
  • The leak test is fast, clean and can be carried out in any weather
  • The elimination of leakage sprays saves time and money 
  • The whistling sound is also clearly audible when installed with insulation