For over 60 years, SCHÜTZ has stood for the highest product quality in the heating of private and public buildings. Energy-saving, safe and comfortable: SCHÜTZ underfloor heating systems meet the highest standards of comfort and environment friendliness.

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In the dataset are all relevant calculation data included for SCHÜTZ ENERGY SYSTEMS underfloor heating systems:

  • tacker panel system
  • profiled panel system
  • klett system
  • dry panel system

The dataset is compatible with the following liNear software solutions:

SCHÜTZ Online Tool

SCHÜTZ Quick Dimensioning

Independent of permanently installed software, the new SCHÜTZ web application now provides the option of online planning of our underfloor heating systems for quotation calculation.
Entire projects can easily be entered, including all floors, apartments and rooms. We support you with convenient presettings, as well as a simple and fast input mask.

Our tool offers you:

  • Fast and uncomplicated calculation
  • Access from everywhere
  • Intelligent material determination

SCHÜTZ Quick Dimensioning

SCHÜTZ Company profile

As a technology enterprise, SCHÜTZ’s core competence lies in processing metal and plastic. At our headquarters in Selters and the 50 global sites of the international SCHÜTZ Group over 6,500 people are employed in the development, production and sale of innovative products and patented manufacturing methods. Our strategy is to master the technologies we use ourselves in depth and right down to the finest detail.

For more than 60 years, SCHÜTZ has stood for the highest product quality in the heating of private and public buildings. Energy-saving, safe and comfortable: the underfloor heating and storage systems offered by SCHÜTZ fulfil the highest standards regarding comfort and environment friendliness. Innovative technology and extensive service ensure practical and economical solutions for customers.

To ensure consistent quality, all the essential components are produced in-house by SCHÜTZ. This applies equally to heating oil tanks and modern underfloor heating systems: the R50® underfloor heating system and the AIRCONOMY® system.

SCHÜTZ underfloor heating systems. Optimum heat output, highly economic to run and a pleasant indoor climate are only three of many reasons why the trend towards underfloor heating in private and public buildings continues as strong as ever. SCHÜTZ supplies innovative full solutions – perfectly designed to meet all requirements. For instance, the R50 system is ideal for renovating old buildings.

Heat recovery ventilation. The unique AIRCONOMY® system is a multifunctional system that heats, cools and ventilates buildings. Polluted and used air is constantly replaced. Filtered fresh air prevents damage to the building caused by humidity and black mould.

SCHÜTZ heating oil storage systems. We develop and produce steel or plastic single and multi-walled storage tanks which are the optimum solution for a wide range of requirements and applications. The intelligent, space-saving design, the use of certified materials and our high-quality production allow us to guarantee maximum safety and durability. Our patented SMP odour barrier protects against the smell of oil and was awarded the PROOFED BARRIER® quality label by the Fraunhofer Institute for its high level of effectiveness.