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SCHELL Armaturentechnologie GmbH & Co. KG

Almost 90 years ago, SCHELL laid the foundation for a continuing success story with the production of regulating angle valves. Our claim to drive the business forward has made us the market-leading full-range supplier of valves for public, semi-public and commercial buildings. 
Responsibility for health.
Our claim to us. Our promise to you.

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SCHELL data set

Calculation data sets (VDI) for the following product groups are available for SCHELL

  • Sanitary outlet fittings
  • WC and urinal flushing systems

The data set is suitable for the following liNear software solutions:

SCHELL company profile

Valve technology made in Olpe

SCHELL is the world's leading manufacturer of valves for building installation. In addition to our comprehensive product segments "regulating angle valves" and "appliance connection fittings", we are the system supplier for all fittings for washstands, showers, WCs and urinals in public sanitary rooms.
In this demanding area, we take responsibility for the health of users through uncompromising product quality and technical excellence. We support designers, operators and installers in performing their tasks safely and efficiently. 
For more than 80 years, we have continuously invested in innovative products and services, making us one of the technology leaders in our industry. 
This is also confirmed by the “Wirtschaftswoche”. The “Wirtschaftswoche” (Handelsblatt), edition 11/2017, awarded SHELL as one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany. In addition to modern fittings, we also offer the innovative eSCHELL water management system. This means that all fittings in public sanitary rooms can be centrally networked and controlled by radio and cable - for the best possible hygiene, high water-saving efficiency and excellent facility management. 
As a family business in the 3rd generation, we feel committed to our company and production site in Olpe as well as to the high standards "Made in Germany". We are represented in over 50 countries - and rising. We have subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Poland, India and Singapore. This enables us to meet the international demand for SCHELL valve technology.

1932 Company founded by Hubert Schell in Olpe.
1949 Production start of angle control valves.
1957 Dipl. Ing. Günther Schell, son of the company founder, enters the company as managing associate and expands the business in Olpe - Finkenstrasse to 10,000 m².
1998 Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Joachim Schell, son of Dipl. Ing. Günther Schell, enters the company at management level.
1999 Ongoing development of sanitary electronics in the field of electronically controlled wash basin fittings.
2002 Foundation of the SCHELL subsidiary in Poland.
2004 Construction of a new building for production, administration, training, research and development in Olpe - Raiffeisenstrasse on an area of 65,000 m².
2006 Dipl.-Kff. Andrea Schell, daughter of Dipl. Ing. Günther Schell, enters the company at management level.
2007 Rounding off of the range for public/semi-public sanitary rooms with the LINUS shower and wall-mounted draw-off fittings.
2011 Foundation of the SCHELL subsidiary in Belgium.

SCHELL becomes a member of the European fittings association, EUnited Valves.

WELL – Water Efficiency Label.
2016 Introduction of eSCHELL, the first intelligent water management system SWS and SSC.
2017 Award as one of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany                                                                                                                      
2018 Award as world market leader in the angle valves product segment (WirtschaftsWoche, edition 11/17)

Hygienic, innovative and sustainable product solutions
We became known for the development and production of regulating angle valves. Through continuous evolution, our angle valves set standards and are highly demanded worldwide. By 2015, more than 500,000,000 valves had been installed worldwide. 
Sanitary fittings have been part of our product range since the beginning. Every day we prove that the highest hygienic standards and economical water consumption are not mutually exclusive. The exclusive use of materials suitable for potable water as well as solutions for stagnation flushing and thermal disinfection enable best potable water quality. Valves with contactless control achieve maximum hygiene. Thanks to the clever technology in our products, up to 60 percent water can be saved. This means that our fittings meet the requirements of public and semi-public sanitary rooms.
With their straightforward design and selected materials, our fittings support a wide variety of design ideas. The high-quality all-metal design and robust construction also guarantee a long service life and optimum protection against vandalism.

Responsibility for health. Our claim to us. 
Our promise to you. Clean potable water is essential for us. Especially in public sanitary rooms, hygiene is a big challenge. It is important to avoid the formation of microorganisms in irregularly used pipes and to minimize the risk of the transmission of pathogens in the best possible way. 
Protecting the health of users is a demanding task to which SCHELL, as a manufacturer of sanitary fittings, has been committed for many years. Our innovative solutions for washstands, showers, WCs and urinals are in demand all over the world - and have one main goal: maximum hygiene in the sensitive area of public, semi-public and commercial sanitary rooms. The claim to create the best hygienic conditions is the driving force behind our actions.  
This includes:

• the selection of high-quality raw materials without additives that are harmful to health 
• the development of different technologies for safe operation 
• the technical requirements for carrying out different hygiene flushings 
• high-quality and easy-to-clean product design 
This is the only way to ensure the necessary safety when equipping, using and operating public sanitary facilities.

eSCHELL: The future is digital.
Also in the public sanitary room.

With eSCHELL a new era in designing, equipping and operating public buildings has begun. The eSCHELL water management system SWS is able to control and monitor all valves centrally. That' s what we call "smart public".
Particularly hygienic aspects, such as thermal disinfection and regular stagnation flushing, can be managed easily and reliably thanks to the intelligent setting options. In addition, with eSCHELL the water consumption can be limited to the necessary minimum. The documentation and evaluation of all processes meets the requirements of our time. During installation and operation, the central control simplifies the programming and maintenance of the connected valves. High hygiene requirements, the desire to save water and efficient facility management can thus be perfectly combined. 

We were already sustainable before anybody knew the word.
Whoever has to deal with water as a resource on a daily basis also knows how valuable it is. Particularly in public buildings - the home of our products - special challenges arise. However, SCHELL products also offer valuable benefits for the environment, users and operators.
Therefore, we do our best not only to achieve the highest hygiene standards with our products, but also to achieve the lowest possible water consumption. Intelligent technologies and a technically perfected product design help to save water every day. Another plus: for showers and many hand washstands, reduced water consumption also means less hot water and thus less energy.
For us, however, sustainability is not just defined by low water consumption. We make an important contribution through particularly durable products. If our products reach the end of their life cycle, they can easily be recycled.
The reduced water and energy consumption as well as the long service life of our fittings support sustainable, environmentally conscious building operation. This is not least relevant regarding to building certification, for example according to DGNB, BREAM or LEED.
Selected valves are classified according to WELL, the evaluation system of the European Association of Valve Manufacturers, for optimum orientation.

Mentor in sustainability.
If you have a water protection area outside of your factory gates, as SCHELL, then you have been automatically bestowed the responsibility for nature. Therefore, for us it is an obligation to develop solutions that are one thing above all: sustainable.
Ultimately, sustainability is a key challenge for today’s and the future generations. Independent investigations have discovered that approx. 80% of the total life-cycle costs for a building are spent on operation and maintenance. This is where investments in water and energy-efficient fittings quickly pay off. Furthermore, maintenance and servicing costs play a decisive role.
SCHELL enjoys being renowned as the pioneer in the field of sustainable fittings. Thus, e.g. by using our products alone, it is possible to save up to 60% water. In addition, numerous fittings from SCHELL have been awarded the WELL label. This product classification introduced in Europe in 2011 provides information about the efficient and sustainable operation of a sanitary fitting. Hygiene also plays a vital role in the topic of sustainability Particularly in public sanitary rooms. Here, SCHELL provides numerous intelligent solutions. For example, contact-free washbasin, WC or urinal fittings.
At SCHELL, sustainability just does not mean the products. For example, our production processes take place in both our plants in the Sauerland. This saves us considerably in terms of logistics costs and helps nature by preventing avoidable environmental damage. Also self-evident for us as the resource-saving use of materials. An example of this is the fact that all brass swarf and burr from the production processes are collected and returned to the brass manufacturer. 
In addition, Schell is, together with other leading brand manufacturers from the sanitary products sector, one of the founders of the Blue Responsibility initiative. The Blue Responsibility initiative represents sustained and future-proof drinking water supply. SCHELL as the expert is therefore committed to responsible handling of natural resources worldwide.

Ecological production 
We attach importance to sustainability not only in the use of our products.
During production, for example, all brass swarf and burr from the production processes are collected and returned to the brass manufacturer. Our production processes take place in both our plants in the Sauerland. This saves us considerably in terms of logistics costs and helps nature by preventing avoidable environmental damage. Also self-evident for us as the resource-saving use of materials.

Our products are always welcome.
Also because of their attractive design.

For us, design is fine when it makes a clear statement about the claims. In the case of our fittings, this means maximum hygiene, a red construction and high-quality equipment in public, semi-public and commercial sanitary rooms.
We cooperate with renowned designers in the design of our fittings. The result is a design that is straightforward and functional. It supports a modern architectural language, upgrades sanitary rooms and bathrooms and allows safe use and efficient operation. For special requirements, our range includes design variants - for example design angle valves or different fitting designs.

Award-winning products
Various certificates and awards prove that we are right with our design philosophy.
We are particularly pleased that both the quality of our products and the design were awarded.