Roth Werke GmbH

Roth is a multinational manufacturer of energy and sanitary systems with offices around the world. We deliver established brand products to the market through a three-tier sales channel.

Based on our motto “living full of energy” our regenerative energy supply systems, cost-efficient energy storage systems and energy distribution systems work seamlessly together in a well-engineered product network. We provide complete systems from a single source. Roth also supplies premium-quality shower systems.

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Roth Data Sets and CAD Libraries

Roth's product data set contains all calculation-relevant data for the following systems:

  • Original Tacker system
  • Flipfix Tacker system
  • Quick-Energy Tacker system
  • Knob system
  • ClimaComfort TBS (dry construction system)
  • ClimaComfort Panel system
  • ClimaComfort Compact system
  • Large-scale applications
  • Pipe fixing system for industrial and open area heating
  • Sport floor heating
  • Controls for panel heating and cooling systems
  • Pipe installation systems
  • Potable water installations
  • Radiator connection

The data set is suitable for the following liNear Software Solutions:

Roth about liNear

For more than 10 years, we have been working successfully with you as partners and within the scope of project design; we use the technical design software of liNear. The programs from your company are an important part of the Roth customer service concept. The constant evolution of program functions and user interfaces is extremely important for us, as is ensuring that the design platform for Roth system solutions is always up-to-date and conforms to standards. Furthermore, a fast reacting and competent support is fundamental for our users.

The liNear software and the liNear employees have always met these requirements very well throughout our cooperation.
We wish you a successful further development of your company and we look forward to excellent cooperation.

ppa. Dipl. Ing. Michael Georg
Head of Product Management/Product Technology Energy Distribution

Roth company profile

Roth is a multinational manufacturer of energy and sanitary systems with offices around the world. We deliver established brand products to the market through a three-tier sales channel.

Based on our motto “living full of energy” our regenerative energy supply systems, cost-efficient energy storage systems and energy distribution systems work seamlessly together in a well-engineered product network. We provide complete systems from a single source. Roth also supplies premium-quality shower systems.

With its in-house R&D team, Roth has been setting benchmarks in state-of-the-art domestic systems for more than 70 years. Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and our products comply with all applicable standards. An extensive field sales and support network provides local, rapid-response commercial and engineering assistance and advice to our customers. Our hotline and engineering services have the expertise it takes to handle the most demanding challenges. Our range of services also includes factory training, product and software seminars and Internet service.

Roth’s first-class service portfolio includes an after-sales guarantee that continues after product retirement, 10-year spare parts availability, fast reaction times, prompt spare parts delivery and a product warranty. Our membership in the quality seal scheme, which is operated by the ZVSHK (German national central heating association), is a clear indication of our commitment to uncompromising quality and customer service. 

Roth Products:



Roth Original Tacker® System – for solutions that retain their value
A system solution whose components are designed to work together in perfect harmony provides the basis for mastering sophisticated heating construction tasks. The Roth Original Tacker® System (which has proven its worth a million times over) used in conjunction with Roth DUOPEX S5® and X-PERT S5®+ system pipes provides the ideal foundation for creating a heating supply system that will retain its value in the long term. The friction-free interlocking comprehensive connection of pipe and patented pipe laying technique is therefore always the first choice for the entire array of sophisticated applications. Perfection in the result, whether it is for residential, office or industrial construction projects.

Three system steps to perfection
The high-quality ex-works prefabrication of all system components – pipe, composite panel and accessories – makes it possible: the complete Roth radiant heating and cooling system is laid in only three work steps using the patented Tacker technique. Of course, everything is in accordance with a precise computer calculation and taking into account all valid regulations.

Roth radiant heating and cooling – comfort can be so simple
Fase of assembly with a high degree of flexibility, paired with operational and building site safety and superior efficiency, characterise Roth radiant heating and cooling systems – even with unusual floor plans. The Roth Original Tacker® System makes assembly really simple and enables pipes to be positioned to the centimetre, with a view to achieving optimum heat distribution and cooling, even in the most difficult installation situations. The underfloor constructions of Roth radiant heating and cooling systems conform to DIN EN 1264 ("Water based floor heating"), taking into account DIN 18560 ("Floor screeds in building construction"), DIN 4109 ("Sound insulation in buildings") and the Energieeinsparverordnung (Energy Savings Regulation [EnEV]). The consistently high quality standards of the individual components and of the overall system are documented by a large number of marks of testing, monitoring and quality.

System composite panel for radiant heating and cooling systems
Simple, fast, in compliance with standards: system composite panels made of polystyrene particle foam. An excellent choice for heat and sound insulation. They provide a self-enclosed space at the blink of an eye during the pipe laying stage. This makes it possible to have a two-sided, self-adhesive overlap that is 30 mm wide. A secure closure against damp and screed (in accordance with DIN 18560) prevents sound and thermal bridges from forming. In addition, an imprinted grid makes it easier to put the system pipes exactly in place in accordance with precisely calculated laying distances.

A strong solution for high stresses
The Roth EPS 30 SE 26 mm system composite panel comes into play wherever traffic loads are high (in car showrooms, for example). This composite panel or panel combination can be utilised under an appropriately coordinated screed construction with maximum traffic loads of up to 35 kN/m². The Roth range of products also includes additional insulation panels made of EPS or PU, which may be needed depending on the thermal insulation requirements of the application in question.


Roth Ex system composite panel – strong insulating effect and flat design
The new EPS DES 25-2 WLG 032 Ex system composite panel with multiple energy benefits reduces the build height of the floor by up to 10 mm compared to standard insulating panels with sound impact insulation. Thanks to its thermal conductivity group (032), the Neopor insulating material enables reduced insulating strengths combined with sound impact insulation. Consequently, panel heights of just 25 mm are sufficient to insulate ceilings between living quarters in accordance with the regulations.




Roth Quick-Energy Tacker system with QE high-efficiency screed
The Roth Quick-Energy® Tacker system for floor heating and cooling is ideally suited for residential construction and commercial property solutions in both renovation and new-build projects. It combines the quickest energy supply with the greatest convenience with regard to comfort and impact sound insulation. The slimline floor heating and cooling system with QE high-efficiency screed uses the wet construction method and requires pipe coverage of just two centimetres. Thanks to its minimal installation height, rapid response is guaranteed.

High-performance components for effective solutions
Optimal combination of Roth product components to achieve a high-performance system solution. The innovative Roth EPS DES 25-2 system composite panel, the Roth X-PERT S5® 14-millimetre or DUOPEX S5® 14-millimetre System Pipe, the Roth 14-millimetre Tacker clips and the new QE high efficiency screed together produce a surface heating and cooling system with an installation thickness of only 60 millimetres. It can be used as a superstructure on concrete ceilings and other ceiling structures. The base must be load bearing and level. The system also improves sound insulation. The fully tested system installation is approved for transport loads of up to two kilonewtons per square metre.


Excellent insulation properties providing maximum improvement in footfall sound insulation with minimum installation thickness
The Roth EPS DES 25-2 system composite panel, which provides a combination of heat and sound insulation, reduces the installation height on the floor by up to ten millimetres compared to standard panels with impact sound insulation. The special insulating material (thermal conductivity category 032) makes it possible to reduce the insulation thickness while still absorbing the sound of impact. Consequently, panel heights of just 25 mm are sufficient to insulate ceilings between living quarters to conform with regulations. Thanks to its unique combination of technical properties, the Quick-Energy® Tacker system offers a wide variety of applications for both new builds and renovation.


At a glance

  • convenient fast reaction
  • minimum installation height, fastest heat delivery
  • minimised surface weight
  • absorbing the sound of impact
  • QE high-efficiency screed
  • for new construction and renovation
  • Residential construction and object solutions
  • system certification

Flipfix® Tacker system:
Roth provides the Flipfix® Tacker system for use as a supplement to existing insulation in floor heating and cooling systems. It is suitable for use where insulation made of conventional EPS and PU materials, as well as mineral insulation materials, is installed on site. The comprehensive system solution for floor heating and cooling is the new Roth Flipfix panel, Roth Original Tacker® Ex clips combined with Roth System Pipes. The easyto- install system is fitted using the triedand- tested Roth Original Tacker® laying technique. The inventor of the Roth Original Tacker® system, which has proven its worth a million times over, has expanded its range to include another innovative Tacker solution: the Roth Flipfix® Tacker system.

Installation made easy – by Roth
The two-millimetre thick Roth Flipfix panel is available in prefabricated fivemetre strips. It is folded down to a square metre in a practical zig-zag pattern, giving compact packaging unit dimensions that are advantageous for transport and storage. Flipfix panels are simply unfolded on-site and quickly laid without producing any waste. The zig-zag fold also ensures that the individual plates can be effectively aligned in relation to one another. The butt joints are connected using adhesive tape – this quickly produces a closed insulating layer. The elements can be cut using a commercially available cutter or scissors. Markings are provided in a five- and ten-centimetre grid for variable installation. A separate film layer to serve as a cover for the insulation layer is unnecessary, as is protection against floating.

Roth Flipfix® panel in detail

  • 2 mm hollow-chamber component made of polypropylene
  • Building material class B2 (normal flammability)
  • 5 x 1 m (5 m2)
  • Folds apart at 1-m intervals (using concertina folding)
  • Colour: grey, with printed elements in black
  • Installation grid 5 x 5 cm

At a glance

  • for existing insulation made of EPS or PU materials or mineral wool
  • easy to assemble, time-saving and simple to install thanks to prefabricated 5 m2 components with a concertina principle
  • aligning the panels in relation to one another is made easy by the concertina fold
  • joining seams with adhesive tape is easy and only needs to be done longitudinally
  • no film layer required to cover insulation layer
  • no precautions against “floating” needed
  • Roth Ex clips with pre-defined penetration depth and optimal energy efficiency

Knob System:

An extremely flexible system

The Roth Knob System is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and straightforward assembly. The undercut and ideal shape of the knobs enable Roth DUOPEX S5® and X-PERT S5®+ System Pipes in sizes of 14 to 17 mm to be attached to Roth Knob panels (which also come in sizes of 14 to 17 mm). The pipes can be laid either orthogonally or – with the aid of an additional film – diagonally. Fixing strips mean that leftover pieces can easily be reused, which means that environmentally friendly installations with very little waste can be created. Filler knob panels are available too. The Roth Knob System is suitable for laying in residential, office and commercial buildings.

At a glance

  • flexible
  • easy to install
  • optimal knob shape
  • can be used for perpendicular and diagonal laying
  • environmentally friendly installation with very little waste

Roth knob panels and accessories
Roth offers a knob panel with high loadbearing capacity and low installation height for use in buildings with increased stress requirements:

  • The special geometry of the knob and its alignment on the entire Roth Knob Panel offers the perfect base for laying the Roth System Pipes – even with low outside temperatures.
  • The Roth knobs interlock with one another in double rows by means of a two-sided film protrusion. The best conditions for using flow screed.
  • Without the use of additional tools, the Roth System Pipe is pressed with the foot into the knobs, where it engages audibly and securely.
  • Suitable for all Roth System Pipes of ø 14 mm to ø 17 mm.
  • The two-layer polystyrene construction ensures the knobs and heat insulation can be walked on without damage.
  • The door area between two rooms can simply be bridged with the Roth alignment knob in connection with the Roth alignment knob film.
  • The film of the Roth edge insulating strip is pressed into the Roth knob with the Roth PE profile. An ideal solution, even when using flow screed.
  • When every millimetre of installation height counts: the Roth Knob Panel 14 – 17 DEO 10 can even be used when renovating residential buildings.

Well thought out to the last detail
Since Roth System Pipes can be laid diagonally, even unusual floor plans do not pose a problem.

ClimaComfort® Dry construction system: 

low installation height and flexible installation
As a leading manufacturer of floor heating and cooling systems, Roth has developed a new dry construction system that is ideally suited to the types of installation required in renovation work. The Roth ClimaComfort® dry construction system features a minimum installation height of just 43 millimetres including covering (the load distribution layer). The structure of the insulation panel permits flexibility in the choice of direction of installation – it can even be laid diagonally.

For easy installation, only one type of system panel is used. This ensures that installation is straightforward, secure and quick and allows for flexibility in its application. The Roth ClimaComfort® dry construction system panels can be combined in all orientations along its 30 cm grid and can be cut to size to fit the geometry of the room. Thanks to a special groove/notch system, precise positioning and alignment of the system panels is guaranteed. This prevents the panels from slipping on the subsurface. The panel structure permits the heatconducting lamellas to be affixed simply and securely in various directions. This allows Roth 14 and 16-millimetre Alu-Laserflex system piping to be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This makes the system particularly suitable for renovation projects and permits a wide range of architectural design freedom, even if the room in question poses difficulties.

Heat conducting plates in highperformance aluminium for optimal heating performance
To improve heat output, the leading manufacturer of floor heating and cooling systems has developed heat-conducting plates made from high-performance aluminium. The material guarantees good heat transfer. The heat-conducting lamellas have predetermined breaking points so that they can be separated into the desired lengths. The smallest possible installation distance for Roth Alu-Laserflex system piping is 15 centimetres.

The Roth Alu-Laserflex System Pipe – sturdy and diffusion resistant

The five-layer Roth Alu-Laserflex System Pipe is precisely matched to the complete system and is flexible to install with minimal waste. It can be bent with the bending spring and remains dimensionally stable after being bent within its bending radius and during operation. The integrated aluminium layer serves as an oxygen barrier. The Alu-Laserflex System Pipe is pressureand temperature-resistant with minimum linear expansion and therefore reduces impact sound. The DIN CERTCO approval and regular monitoring of the manufacturing process as well as the properties of the pipe guarantee quality and safety for installers and users.

Roth ClimaComfort® panel system
all-round comfort guaranteed

No restrictions on pipe laying and surface covering – the perfect fit every time

The ClimaComfort panel's design makes for optimum pipe installation. The X-PERT S5®+ System Pipe is simply snapped on to floors, walls or ceilings. To change the direction of the pipe, Roth offers an end piece that is inserted into the system panel. This makes wall and ceiling installations much easier to manage, since the components are retained in the correct positions. The ClimaComfort panel consists of an EPS support plate, which is permanently bonded to an aluminium heat-conducting plate. The panel ensures that heating or cooling energy is transferred evenly and quickly. The dry construction method keeps assembly times short (no drying phases) and the perfectly coordinated system components ensure that the ClimaComfort Panel System responds extremely quickly. The ClimaComfort panel is suitable for laying floor surfaces according to individual room layouts, even on slopes. The panel dimensions correspond to the dry construction standard size (625 x 1200 mm); the panels can be cut to meet the requirements of any room, irrespective of its size. The system meets the structural requirements associated with renovation projects in existing buildings and can be retrofitted as part of ad hoc minor refurbishment work.


“Room-by-room renovation”

The ClimaComfort panels can be easily mounted on conventional timber-framed structures for installations in walls or on ceilings. On external walls, the structure can then be easily back-filled with suitable insulating material. Unlike external insulation, this renovation method enables the process to be performed gradually, room by room. Roth has designed the system for use with the Roth X-PERT S5®+ pipe with a diameter of 14 mm. Roth also offers the ClimaComfort panel system in a 16-mm version for floor installation, together with the Roth Alu-Laserflex System Pipe.

Roth ClimaComfort® panel system – for direct flooring installation

Floor installations involving the Roth ClimaComfort® Panel System can be covered directly with tiles or parquet flooring using innovative adhesives. The subsurface must be clean, even and capable of bearing loads. Parquet flooring can also be applied directly on to the Roth ClimaComfort® Panel System. Wooden floors must be approved for use with underfloor heating by the manufacturer.

Experience all-round comfort in existing and new buildings

The Roth ClimaComfort® Panel System transforms floors, walls and ceilings into highly efficient and responsive surfaces that distribute energy in order to heat and cool rooms. Roth has developed one type of panel that can be used for all applications. Storage and installation require minimum effort and offer maximum convenience. Unlike conventional wall-mounted radiators, the Roth ClimaComfort® Panel System provides an even amount of radiant heat from all sides, resulting in a pleasant room temperature with no circulation of air. Practically the entire surface area of a room's walls, floor and ceilings can be used for heating/cooling purposes. For example, in winter a room can be heated via the floor and/or walls, whilst in summer it can be cooled via the ceiling and/or walls. The ClimaComfort Panel System can be retrofitted as part of minor refurbishment work and, at long last, it is enabling people to experience that wonderful feeling of "all-round comfort".

Economical use of energy and the perfect partner for Roth heat pumps

The system's special energy-saving mode of operation when heating up to an inlet temperature of 35 °C has been optimized for use in conjunction with the Roth heat pump, a producer of renewable energy. The materials and the process and product technology chosen for the system enable energy requirements (for heating and cooling) to be reduced dramatically, thus facilitating the integration of regenerative heaters (even in existing buildings). Combined with intelligent control technologies, this creates enormous potential for saving energy. Roth's heat pumps complete a range of products, which represent a uniform energy concept specifically designed for renovation projects and new buildings. The system offers huge advantages from both an ecological and an economical point of view.


The Fraunhofer Institute has confirmed the room comfort features of the ClimaComfort panel system, especially when the panels are installed on outside walls

The positive effects of lining external walls to begin with can be seen in the results of a "comfort study" carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP). The study is based on DIN EN ISO 7730. It also reveals that the temperature control skirting eliminates the thermal bridges that can interfere with heating performance. If heating or cooling requirements are particularly high, the internal walls can be lined too.

The ceiling as a surface for distributing energy, especially for cooling purposes

If a room's floor and walls do not cover the energy requirements in question, the ceiling can be brought into play. It makes good sense to line the ceiling, especially if you are converting an attic. The use of the ClimaComfort panel system on the ceiling is particularly recommended for cooling purposes.

Optimisation thanks to the highly efficient ClimaComfort heat conduction skirting

In old buildings, people can feel draughts and mould can form on external walls, on window reveals, in areas where ceilings meet walls and in corners where external walls meet internal ones. This is down to thermal bridges, which reduce the surface temperature of the wall in a localised area. With Roth's high-performance temperature control skirting, even these parts of a building can be made cosy and comfortable by increasing the surface temperature. The heat conduction skirting consists of a highperformance heat-conducting composite film (with a thermal conductivity of around 350 W/mK) and a 5-mm flexible, high-performance insulating layer (WLG 013).

Unique performance profile: Comfort, energy efficiency, fast response times

The ClimaComfort panel and its highperformance temperature control skirting prevent the walls, ceiling and floor of a room cooling down from inside. So, by observing the IBP guidelines and making careful plans, even old buildings can have cosy living spaces. This way of lining external walls is particularly well suited to buildings with listed facades. Thermal measurements taken in accordance with EN 1264 make the capability of the system quite clear. Its most impressive feature is its fast reaction time. Furthermore, with an inlet temperature of 35 °C, the system can achieve a thermal output at the wall of up to 88 W/m². When used in conjunction with Rigips Climafit plasterboard, which offers a high thermal conductivity, the system can achieve heating and cooling outputs that would have been simply unimaginable with the conventional linings used in surface-embedded temperature control systems.

At a glance

  • one panel type for heating and cooling via floors, walls and ceilings in old and new buildings
  • energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and highly responsive surface temperature control
  • in wall applications, the system offers proven comfort verified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics
  • reduced energy consumption
  • optimal temperature equalisation
  • fast installation
  • low mass per unit area
  • system pipes easily lock into place
  • unrestricted pipe installation and surface lining

Roth ClimaComfort® Compact System:

Heating and cooling for renovation projects and new builds

The Roth ClimaComfort® Compact System is a heating and cooling system which is particularly well suited to renovation projects. The extremely low, flat installation set-up and the resulting high system reaction speed open up new opportunities for planning and installation. This makes things easier and more convenient for the building contractor. The 14-mm ClimaComfort Compact system panel is made of a partially crystalline material. The material and the unique panel structure are responsible for the great stability and toughness combined with flexibility. This ensures a high degree of resistance to impact, even though it is easy to install. The system panel can be cut to fit easily and precisely, without cracks forming. The self-adhesive system panel is mounted on the existing subsurface. The special panel structure with undercutting makes reliable installation of the system pipe possible in a spiralling or meandering form in a 75 mm grid. Diagonal placement at intervals of 105 mm is possible.

For installation on the floor, the installation set-up made of system panels and system pipe is filled with a quick-setting filling and potting compound with high performance capacity. It is easy to introduce this completely through the filling and ventilation openings. The system panel, system pipe and subsurface together make up a solid, load-bearing composite. The transparency of the system panel means that you can check that the compound has been filled to the maximum level. This is a decisive factor in ensuring the safety of the entire floor structure. The installation height of the ClimaComfort Compact System amounts to only 17 mm.

Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology honours the Roth ClimaComfort® Compact system panel

The Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute of Oberhausen, Germany, has awarded Roth's ClimaComfort® Compact system panel the prize for innovative environmental protection in the field of plastics processing. The panel is made of 100% recycled PET. The plastic is primarily obtained from transparent drinks bottles.

Roth ClimaComfort® Compact System - the optimal choice for bathroom renovation

Having a floor heating and cooling system for your own four walls is no longer a privilege which can only be enjoyed by those who are building their own homes from scratch. Homeowners often want to retrofit underfloor heating into their houses or flats when renovating existing rooms such as bathrooms, where people will sometimes walk around barefoot. Depending on the location and conditions of the room in question, this can be achieved using the Roth ClimaComfort® Compact System, without the need to create a step up into the bathroom to accommodate a raised floor. The system is retrofitted without having to prise up the floor (a time-intensive procedure that generates a lot of dirt). When renovating a bathroom by integrating the ClimaComfort Compact System into an existing heating system with radiators, you can make use of the heat in the return pipes; this is an environmentally friendly method of heating, as the energy is used twice. The Roth ClimaComfort® Compact System for heating and cooling’s extremely low installation height of 17 millimetres makes it ideal for bathroom renovation jobs. As a specialist in floor heating and cooling systems, Roth has developed this renovation solution for installation on existing screeds. A one-stop supplier of energy and sanitary systems for modern building technology, Roth also offers high-quality genuine glass showers and pipe installation systems for connecting up drinking and domestic water when carrying out bathroom renovation projects.

At a glance

  • minimum installation height of just 17 mm
  • rapid reaction when heating and cooling (ideal when used in conjunction with Roth heat pumps)
  • ClimaComfort S5 11 mm System Pipe in tried-and-tested X-PERT S5®+ quality
  • ClimaComfort Compact system panel offers excellent toughness combined with flexibility for easy handling
  • safety monitoring for backfilling by means of transparency of the system panel
  • installation on existing screeds (ideal for renovating kitchens and bathrooms, for example)
  • low heating water temperatures lead to energy savings
  • quick, simple and universal assembly, even in unusually shaped rooms that present difficulties
  • compatible module in the Roth floor heating and cooling systems product line


Exploiting the heat storage potential of concrete with Roth concrete core temperature control

Roth Isocore® concrete core temperature control enables a building's own temperature to be used when temperatures rise or drop by integrating a system of water pipes into solid concrete ceilings and walls, taking advantage of their capacity to store energy. Roth Isocore concrete core temperature control is ideally suited for use in the construction of new office and administrative buildings with high concrete core heat storage potential. Thanks to low system temperatures when heating is required and the relatively high system temperatures when cooling is what is needed, Roth Isocore® can used in combination with renewable energy sources, such as solar and heat pump systems to excellent effect. The Roth Isocore® is an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and future-ready system designed for allyear- round building temperature control that keeps environmental factors at the centre of its focus.

At a glance

  • made-to-measure system solutions adapted to on-site structural specifications for solid ceilings and walls
  • system components that work in harmony with one another
  • installation techniques can be varied to suit the specific requirements of each building
  • variable strategies for integrating the hydraulics into a building's overall building services system
  • validated system performance data that conforms to all relevant standards
  • comprehensive Roth planning and advice service
  • construction site guidance and building-specific system acceptance
  • support provided by specialists with many years of experience in project implementation


Industrial floor heating:

Roth industrial floor heating – can withstand even the most demanding structural requirements

For high load requirements in large halls where, for example, heavy machinery, forklift trucks or lorries are used, aircraft are stored or high-bay warehouses and logistics centres are run, high-performance floor structures are essential. Roth industrial floor heating also saves energy thanks to the low inlet temperatures of the heating water, while low transmission and ventilation heat losses have a favourable effect in the upper ceiling area. Pleasant temperatures in those parts of a room where people spend time then drop towards the ceiling to make for an optimal room temperature profile. Cycle heat and waste heat from production can easily be used to heat Roth industrial floor heating units, thus minimizing operating costs and enabling investment costs to be paid off quickly. Roth industrial floor heating can be integrated into all static ceiling and floor constructions and is suited for all types of concrete used for these applications (reinforced concrete, steel fibre concrete, rolled concrete). In accordance with the building's specific requirements, the pipes for the heating and cooling system are integrated into the concrete construction and connected hydraulically to the energy source.

Roth outdoor heating

Roth outdoor area heating is designed to keep car parks, access ramps, car wash facilities or open spaces in pedestrian zones clear of snow and ice. It offers installation options which can be varied to suit the specific construction requirements of each building, such as system solutions based on the Roth Pipe Fixing System and highperformance solutions for high structural and static requirements.

Sport floors:

Roth sport floor heating – for all sorts of sport floors

Roth offers a specially developed Pipe Fixing System solution for flexible-surface sprung floors. The support elements for incorporating and securely fixing the system pipes at the measured installation distances consist of a prefabricated plastic profile with integrated pipe holders. Using coordinated fixing brackets, the support elements in the Roth Pipe Fixing System can be optimally integrated into any sprung floor construction, no matter what type of insulation layer is used. Direct installation on top of the insulation layer or the existing substructure is also possible. This system is modularly constructed and consists of only a few system components with a high degree of prefabrication. It can also be combined with the various sprung floor constructions supplied by the different sports floor manufacturers. Architects, planners and structural engineers will have all the flexibility they need to transform all kinds of usage possibilities into reality.


Roth ClimaComfort® TBS for sports flooring

In addition to traditional sprung floor heating systems, Roth also provides system solutions for surface temperature control in all other sport floor constructions. Flexiblesurface sport floors with an elastic layer (sandwich construction) are produced using the Roth ClimaComfort® Dry Construction System TBS or the Roth ClimaComfort® Panel System. The Roth Dry Construction System for underfloor heating using hot water is the perfect match for flexible-surface sport floors conforming to DIN 18032. We recommend that the entire Roth Dry Construction System is covered with a zincplated covering sheet. The flexible-surface layer made of polyurethane composite foam is then arranged on top of this sheet. The sport and multi-purpose linoleum coating is applied on site to a layer made of plywood panels. Even mixed elastic sport floors of construction Type A and B as set out in DIN V 18032-2 can be built in line with regulations and norms using the various Roth system solutions for floor heating and cooling systems.

Roth EnergyLogic Touchline – the state-of-the-art wireless control system for optimal living comfort
The Roth EnergyLogic Touchline wireless control system enables you to monitor precisely the temperature in every room to determine heating requirements. This data is collected and continuously analysed by the control distributor to ensure that the associated heating circuit or actuators are controlled precisely as required. That means that each room is supplied with the right amount of energy at the right time, preventing any overheating and allowing the temperature to be controlled quickly and precisely. This can save you up to 20 percent of your heating costs. The Roth EnergyLogic Touchline controls heating and cooling conveniently and efficiently. Its LAN connection and other communication interfaces make it possible to add system enhancements and integrate additional heat sources fast.

The future starts now
The Touchline in-room control unit forms part of a greater overall system. All Touchline in-room control units have a high-gloss surface with an easily readable display, along with five sensor buttons. The innovative sensor buttons are highly responsive, will not get dirty or wear out. An integrated SD memory card with boot loader software makes upgrading the system easy without having to replace the control unit.

At a glance

  • Energy savings
    An extremely precise and intelligent control system, saving up to 20% in heating costs
  • Smartphone operation
    Easy operation of regulation functions using Touchline+ App available for Android and Apple iOS
  • Comfort and convenience
    Simple set-up and operation (easy to use, easy to control)
  • Up-to-date
    Always up to the current state-of-the-art thanks to its update function via integrated SD card
  • Effectiveness
    Latest-generation control system with optimal use of energy and hydraulics – for perfect comfort at home
  • Optik Plus
    Modern, timeless design with innovative sensor button, winner of the Plus X award
  • Cutting-edge comfort
    Additional infrared surface temperature measurements of the underfloor heating help to generate a comfortable, well-balanced room temperature, as well as protecting floor surfaces from any overheating.
  • More than just an in-room thermostat
    Each Touchline in-room control unit does more than just control the room temperature: it also provides full access to all the functions and settings for the entire system
  • Operational safety and environmental benefits
    The room control device with an optional 230 V power connection guarantees a constant power supply – with no need for batteries

Roth EnergyLogic Basicline
The Basicline series includes five types of thermostat, each with its own range of features and functions: The Basicline H in-room thermostat for temperature regulation of floor heating systems, the Basicline H/E with two additional connection terminals for an external temperature sensor and the Basicline H.A, which is equipped with an analogue temperature scale. For heating and cooling operation, Roth can offer the Basicline H/C 230 V and H/C 24 V, while for public buildings the Basicline H, i with concealed internal temperature settings would be a good choice. Depending on the mode selected, the LED display of the room thermostats lights up red when heating and blue with the Basicline H/C when cooling. In addition, the digital Basicline T clock thermostat with a built-in weekly timer is also available. The clock thermostat allows the required temperature profile to be precisely adjusted throughout the day to match the habits of the building’s occupants. This guarantees the greatest possible comfort with maximum energy savings. Depending on the model, high-quality clamp-type or plug-in terminals are used for electrical connection of the room thermostats.



Drinking water is one of life's essentials


Roth Pipe Installation Systems for consumer protection

Conventional materials, connectors and connection methods cannot be used for drinking water installations in many areas and regions due to the continuously changing quality of the water. Various factors, for example excessively high or low pH values, free carbon dioxide and chlorides in the water etc., can lead to problems with corrosion in conventional drinking water systems, causing additional contamination.

All components of the Roth drinking water system meet the requirements of the revised Trinkwasserverordnung  (German drinking water regulation) and DIN 50930-6.  The Roth drinking water system can be used without restriction for all grades of drinking water.

Conventional installation systems and materials are no longer able to cope. The Roth drinking water system prevents incrustations, deposits and corrosion. Designed as a universal complete solution compatible with all types of installation in modern building infrastructure systems, it combines numerous advantages. All system components are developed based on practical application and coordinated with each other. Premium materials, quality-controlled production and system approval according to DVGW (Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V. = German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) are all key features of the Roth drinking water system.

Ease of installation and safety  combined in one system
The Roth range of pipe installation products with PressCheck® function offers system solutions for sizes up to 63 mm. The systems consist of Roth Alu-Laserplus®multi-layer pipes and Roth plastic fittings, Rohr metal fittings for threaded connecting points and connectors round off the Roth pipe installation range. The fittings are attached to the pipe using Roth radial press fitting technology. In this way, the Roth pipe installation range ensures secure, non-detachable, form and force fitting connections in drinking water and heating installations. The innovative system components provide enhanced ease of installation and safety.

Everything from the house service connection to the point of use
The Roth drinking water installation system can be used without reservation for all grades of drinking water according to the German drinking water regulation. The comprehensive product range covers everything you need for your installation project, starting from the house service connection and continuing to the ascending pipes to the point of use

Wide variety of Roth T-connectors
The Roth Werke range of fittings offers unparalleled depth. No matter what installation situation you are faced with, T-connectors in various graded sizes are available for fast and cost-effective installation without having to resort to additional reducing elements or other shaped parts.

At a glance:

  • Universally  compatible
  • Easy, convenient installation
  • Secure  connections
  • A variety of options available
  • Comprehensive  range

Plastic fittings:  


Innovative in form and function
Roth has successfully introduced high-performance plastic fittings made of PPSU (polyphenyl sulfone) plastic which support reliable pipe installation in building infrastructure applications. The plastic fitting has been used millions of times as the Roth success story continues to evolve. Roth is a specialist plastics converter which has used its extensive expertise in high-tech plastics to develop the new plastic fittings. These advanced fittings represent a genuine innovation in form and function. While retaining the same great features of previous generation fittings, the new design is even more compact. The fittings make installation easier, and the integrated Roth PressCheck feature provides an extra margin of safety.

Compact design makes installation even easier
The slim-line, compact design gives the fittings maximum mechanical stability and makes installation easier, especially in tight spaces and when pipes are installed at an angle. The special contour of the sleeve which is inserted onto the pipe prevents the pipe from slipping off. The installer does not have to hold on to the pipe/fitting unit, which makes press fitting a lot easier and faster during instillation of vertical pipes.

The installer can perform a visual check by looking through an opening in the press-fit sleeve to ensure that the pipe is seated properly. A new rotation mechanism allows the installer to check the connection from all sides. In case the stainless steel press-fit sleeve is damaged, the installer on site can easily replace the captive stainless steel press-fit sleeve which is mounted at the factory on the body of the fitting. The special shape of the stainless steel press-fit sleeve facilitates exact positioning of the press tool jaws, ensuring a secure press fit. The new Roth plastic fittings are installed in the usual way with the familiar Roth press tool.


Roth PressCheck offers an added margin of safety
The familiar press pattern on Roth fittings can easily be seen and felt, giving the installer the opportunity to perform a quick visual and tactile check of the press fitting. Roth fittings with the PressCheck feature offer an added margin of safety. In compliance with DVGW sheet W534, the fittings are designed to leak if they have not been pressed on, adding an extra margin of safety on site. Water will escape from an unpressed connection at a defined place during pressure testing, making it easy to detect an unpressed fitting. It is easy to forget to press a fitting when the stress level mounts on the building site, and pressure testing can prevent costly damage later on. Once Roth plastic fittings with PressCheck are pressed on, two sealing elements on the fitting support sleeve ensure a permanent, reliable connection.

At a glance

Compact with added safety

  • Compact design for simple installation, even in cramped installation areas
  • No slipping of the pipe on the fitting sleeve for quick and convenient pressing, even on vertical risers
  • "All-round control" of the exact pipe position thanks to inspection window in the
  • Easy replacement of the stainless steel crimp sleeve in the event of damage
  • High-precision guidance of the pressure clamp
  • Enhanced safety due to Roth PressCheck®:
    defined water leakage in the case of non-pressed fittings,
    pressing pattern that allows easy visual inspection to ensure pipe is fitted correctly
  • Guaranteed permanent water-tight and air-tight connection


Metal fittings:
The selection of suitable material plays a vital role on distribution systems for high quality drinking water. Corrosion or substances that are released by the materials can significantly degrade water quality. In order to protect consumers, the material must not create a health hazard. High-performance PPSU plastic and the copper alloy which Roth uses on the metal fitting are ideal for drinking water applications. The standardised materials have a proven track record during many years of practical application, and they conform to the current state of technology.

Suitable for all grades of drinking water
Roth metal fittings are extremely rugged, and they contain some of the most corrosion resistant copper materials. Even when water conditions are extreme, the material can safely be used on domestic water systems. Roth metal fittings are suitable for all grades of drinking water, and they can be combined with all known installation materials.


Roth metal fittings - optimal performance
DVGW guidelines (sheet W534) stipulate that threaded fittings which are used on drinking water installations must be made of metal. Roth metal fittings are the solution of choice. They are non-corrosive and are not susceptible to deplating. They comply with the most stringent international standards for drinking water installations, and they are ideally suited to meet specific application requirements on drinking water installations and radiator systems. Roth metal components comply with the latest health and ecological requirements. In conformance with DIN 50930-6 which regulates the effects of dissolved metallic materials on drinking water quality, all Roth alloys can be used without restriction on the full range of drinking water installations. The alloys have outstanding properties when they are subjected to tensile and pressure loads. Roth metal fittings also have the innovative PressCheck feature.


Taking care of the environment
A further advantage of metal is that it is obtained from recyclable material, helping to save resources and protect the environment.

At a glance

  • With Roth PressCheck®
  • Metal threaded connections - in compliance with the European Norms and regulations
  • Ideal in system combinations with Roth plastic fittings PressCheck®
  • Tried and tested over many years
  • In accordance with state-of-the-art technology
  • Corrosion and dezincification resistant
  • Comply with the most rigorous international standards
  • Comply with the latest health and environment requirements
  • Suitable for unrestricted use in all drinking water installations
  • Outstanding properties with regard to tensile and pressure loads
  • Made from recyclable materials, thus saving resources and the environment
  • Certified according to the WRAS and DVGW specification W534


Alu-Laserplus system pipes:
The proven five-layer multilayer pipe of the Roth pipe installation system has now been further improved by Roth engineers. The aluminium pipe casing of the Roth Alu-Laserplus® system pipe comprises a new alloy with considerably increased stability. This added aluminium ensures even greater safety and easier installation. The aluminium pipe casing is laser-welded. This forms a homogeneous aluminium layer.


The core of the Alu-Laserplus® system pipe is a thick-walled polyethylene basic pipe, which is subject to tests based on very rigorous quality assurance requirements, and is crucial to the stability of the overall pipe construction. The two high-quality polymer layers ensure a secure connection between the thick-walled basic pipe, the homogenous aluminium layer and the outside polyethylene protective layer.


To minimise heat distribution loss and to protect ceiling, floor and wall constructions against excessive temperatures, the Roth Alu-Laserplus® system pipes are also available with PE protective pipes or added heat insulation. Depending on the application, and heat insulation requirements, you can use either a 6 mm insulation for sizes 14 - 25 mm, 9 mm for 14 - 20 mm or asymmetric 100% insulation in accordance with the heat protection requirements of EnEV. For sizes 16, 17 and 20 mm, an additional asymmetric solution is also available in accordance with EnEV, Addendum 5, Line 7. The polyethylene pipe insulation complies with WLG 040.

Key features of the Roth Alu-Laserplus pipe with five functional layers
Each of the layers has a defined function, and the Alu-Laserplus offers the following key features:

  • thick-walled core pipe ensures high stability
  • more aluminium for added strength
  • laser-welded aluminium casing
  • high-grade polymers ensure that the five layers are permanently bonded
  • suitable for domestic water installations and radiator systems (low inventory carrying costs, no risk of mix-up)
  • corrosion-resistant
  • no incrustation
  • oxygen barrier
  • suitable for any grade of drinking water
  • minimal thermal elongation
  • good pressure and temperature stability
  • good noise suppression
  • good dimensional stability during ongoing operation and after bending operations, etc.
  • no welding, thread cutting, brazing or gluing
  • highly flexible for ease of installation, minimal waste
  • constant long-term flow rates
  • long life
  • DVGW tested   



Connection technology:
With Roth radial press connection technology, you can create permanent, secure connections between Roth Alu-Laserplus pipes and Roth fittings in a matter of seconds. To attach the Roth fittings, you merely swap the press jaws or loops on the electrical press tool to accommodate the different Roth Alu-Laserplus pipe diameters.

The Roth connection system is based on uniform circumferential radial pressing, ensuring a secure force fit between the supporting sleeve and Roth system pipes. This technology is designed for Roth pipe installation systems and Roth radiant heating and cooling systems.

Shaped to ensure a secure connection
The shape of the press sleeve and the plastic ring on the Roth fitting help guide the tool when it is placed onto the fitting to ensure that the jaws are securely positioned in exactly the right place (and cannot slip off). The installer simply positions the jaws of the press tool between the plastic ring and the sleeve lip, presses the handles and the connection is finished.

Roth AFP 101 press tool – setting a new standard in press technology
The AFP 101 is a compact, light-weight, user-friendly press tool for installation of permanent press fittings. This handy tool can also be used in tight spaces where access to the fittings is restricted. The small press tool features an ergonomic design and is suitable for single-handed operation up to 32 mm. The retaining pin ensures that the jaws are properly seated, and a high-capacity rechargeable battery has plenty of power reserves.

At a glance

  • Maximum operational reliability
  • Universal connection technology
  • Ideal for Roth pipe installation systems and Roth radiant heating and cooling systems
  • Permanent, secure connections in seconds that guarantee maximum operational reliability
  • Connections have maximum resistance to rotational and tensile stress, temperature variations and pressure surges
  • The compliant, secure solution for connections that are no longer accessible after installation (embedded into walls, ceiling or floors)
  • No waste during installation of Roth pipe systems and Roth heating pipes
  • Cold connection technology eliminates the risk of fire – no welding, brazing or heating
  • The parts are easy to work with and they are designed specifically for the particular application
  • Handy, easy to use Roth assembly tools
  • Full installation system from the boiler connection and water meter through the ascending pipes to the point of use
  • Only one set of jaws needed to press Roth Alu-Laserplus pipes
  • Press-fit technology designed specifically for Roth Alu-Laserplus pipes using a radial, uniform circumferential press profile
  • Roth system guarantee when you use Roth connection technology  


Drinking water installation:

Different types of connections can be used on a construction project to meet the various engineering and business needs.


Roth system solutions support T-configurations, single connections to floor manifolds or circular configurations. The Roth drinking water system provides everything you need for your installation project starting from the house service connection and continuing with the ascending pipes to the point of use.


Whatever the nature of your installation (dry construction or mounted on wall surface or in channels), the Roth drinking water system has everything you need for the connections at the point of use.

Radiator connection:
The Roth radiator connection system is designed as a complete solution. The portfolio of universal fittings provides a range of connection options from the heat source to every radiator in a building. A complete set of perfectly matched components can be combined in a variety of ways to create simple connections above the floor, out of the wall or out of the skirting boards using single or dual pipe systems or a combination of the two. The radiators can be connected to a manifold or directly to the ascending pipes. The system can be used in combination with standard radiators and heat sources.