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With integrated systems for heating and cooling, PEWO provides the right temperature for living, working and producing. Whether district heating, solar energy, geothermal energy, condensing boiler technology, combined heat and power generation or process heat - PEWO installations and systems ensure that the resulting heat or cold is provided as it is needed.

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PEWO data sets

The data set contains the following product groups

  • PEWO dwelling stations 


The PEWO dwelling stations are selected in the scheme generator by drawing a dwelling station. In all other 2D or 3D plans they are selected by opening the fresh water and dwelling stations assistant ("Dwelling station" button). The assistant supports you in selecting a PEWO dwelling station that meets your requirements and offers you all available equipment options as well as further information on the respective product. The compilation of the required components and quantities is carried out automatically. Based on the required PWH temperature and tap rate, the assistant determines the required heating water volume flow, the resulting return water temperature and the resulting pressure losses as input variables for the subsequent pipe network calculation. The dimensioning of the heating system is carried out under consideration of a common simultaneity approach (e.g. method according to TU Dresden). 

The data set is suitable for the following liNear software solutions:



We have the complete portfolio. From the simple fresh water station to the overall network control technology.


We have a modular system from which products and systems can be configured. This enables ideal solutions.


We have in-house hydraulic, control and electronic competence. And our own software development. This enables us to provide integrated solutions and systems.


We have a high portion of in-house production. To make a PEWO solution also a PEWO product.


We have convenient and efficient products, such as the thermodynamic controller TFS, the sandwich insulation PST® made of PUR and the optimization of return water temperatures DRO®. 


We've got the data. Based on actual consumption data from existing systems, we can design more efficiently and support design.


We have a Germany-wide PEWO factory customer service team standing by your side.

PEWO company profile

PEWO heat distribution systems are system solutions for residential areas, cities, hotels, clinics, swimming pools, residential buildings and industry throughout Europe. The owner-managed industrial company in Saxony develops and manufactures object-related systems ranging from potable water heaters to special systems with an output of several megawatts for supplying heat to entire neighbourhoods. More than 18,000 individual customer systems per year provide proof that energy efficiency is achieved through intelligent design and precise control. Company founder Egbert Petrick and his employees subscribed to that principle. PEWO integrates district heating, solar thermal energy, geothermal energy, natural gas, process heat and even heat recovery from waste water into its systems.