MAGRA has been manufacturing distributors for a wide range of applications for over 30 years, mainly for heating, cooling and sanitary technology. We are experts in distributing water and liquid flows. The development of the MAGRA double-chamber distributor has considerably simplified and rationalized the installation. With our products and services, we want to make life easier. Our priority here is always our customer's benefits. Through continuous improvement of our production facilities in Rottenburg-Ergenzingen and Osnabrück, we always manufacture according to the latest production methods. CNC machines and computer-controlled welding lines ensure our high level of quality and short delivery times.

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Magra data sets and CAD libraries

The MAGRA CAD library contains the following components:

  • Heating distributors/in-wall cabinets
  • Boiler distributors
  • Heating distributors with fixed and variable nozzle spacings
  • Single chamber heating distributors
  • Round pipe single chamber heating and cooling water distributors
  • Air pots and flange adapters
  • Hydraulic separators
  • Sanitary distributors

The data set is suitable for the following liNear software solutions:

MAGRA company profile

The MAGRA distribution system consists of flow and return chambers made of patented C-profiles arranged one above the other, which guarantee dimensional accuracy and high stability. Flow and return outlets are arranged next to each other, resulting in a simple and crossing-free pipe routing, considerably fewer pipes and more favorable water content in the pipe network, which has an energy-saving effect.

The offer includes standard distributors for floor heating and radiator connections and boiler distributors, which are available from stock. This product group covers a power range up to 165 kW. With the special accessories, distribution stations can be installed in a time-saving and professional manner.

For the power range from 165 to 9100 kW, the distributors are manufactured according to customer specifications. This means that heating and sanitary distributors can be manufactured in individual designs within the specified chamber dimensions. Special designs such as angled construction, distributors with outlets on both sides, distributors with thermal separation for district heating plants and hydraulic separators complement the product range. Prefabricated insulation in accordance with the EnEV made of PU rigid foam with ALU sheet metal jacket or mineral fiber with galvanized sheet steel jacket can be installed in a minute by means of the special half-shell construction with tightening straps and can be removed easily at any time. Infinitely adjustable stand consoles or variable wall consoles ensure that the distributor is securely mounted. Inscription labels that can be screwed onto the prefabricated insulation complete the range of accessories.                                                                                                            

The company MAGRA Maile + Grammer GmbH was founded in 1971 in Rottenburg-Ergenzingen. In 1979 the branch in Osnabrück was opened. Both production sites supply the European market. In 1978, the increasing demand in Austria caused the foundation of MAGRA-Rohrverteilerbau Ges.m.b.H. in Kühnsdorf/Carinthia, which especially manufactures the MAGRA distributor program for the Austrian market.

Through rational production with the most modern CNC machinery and fully automatic welding lines, extremely short delivery times can be guaranteed in addition to competitive prices. It only takes 8 days from the time of ordering to delivery for most heating distributors.

Each distributor is subjected to a pressure test and precise final inspection after manufacture, so that the high quality standards of our customers can always be satisfied, even with short production times.

The quality certificate          
1. The MAGRA heating distributor is manufactured according to the rules of technology and meets the state of the art.

2. Materials: The MAGRA heating distributor is manufactured from materials that meet the requirements for its use as a heating distributor. The MAGRA heating distributor is produced by certified welders who possess a test certificate according to DIN EN287-1. The MAGRA heating distributor is inspected at the factory for defects and tested for the use of the specified materials and wall thicknesses.

3. Fluid pressure test: The MAGRA heating distributor is pressure tested at the factory with the prescribed test pressure and tested for leaks. The MAGRA heating distributor is permanently marked. With this label MAGRA guarantees the type and quality properties of the used materials and a processing appropriate to the material and in accordance with the rules of technology. MAGRA also confirms that the tests (materials, wall thicknesses, pressure, function) were carried out without any complaints.

In addition to quality, continuous research and development offers our customers new products in line with market requirements. Innovation and quality are the reasons why MAGRA distributors have become the market leader in the prefabricated distributor sector in Europe.   

We offer our customers a comprehensive service and support so that they can benefit from the advantages of the prefabricated distributor system also in complex projects. Product and project advice is provided by highly qualified and experienced employees. For the customer, the distributor design consists only of a simple manual sketch or a few mouse clicks in the MAGplan distributor design program. The next step is the installation of a MAGRA distributor that has been precisely produced.

To ensure that incoming orders can be processed without any loss of time, customer orders are handed over to production "overnight" in a fully processed state. Close cooperation with all German specialists guarantees the fastest availability of MAGRA distributors throughout Germany.