K-FLEX® is an Italian manufacturing company specialized in the production of thermal and acoustic flexible elastomeric insulation materials. The company is present in 63 countries, with production facilities in all continents and more than 2500 employees. K-FLEX® sets industry-wide standards for product safety, such as fire protection. 

K-FLEX® Data Sets

The current K-FLEX® data set contains all calculation-relevant data for the following product groups:

  • K-FLEX® insulation products

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K-FLEX® about liNear

K-FLEX® will soon be the first manufacturer in the industry offering full integration into the liNear software system. liNear customers will thus not only have access to the largest product range on the market, but will also benefit from the advantages of elastomeric insulating materials - for every type of project.

K-FLEX® company profile

K-FLEX® is the world's leading manufacturer of elastomeric insulation systems.
The original manufacturing plant, located in Roncello (north of Milan), was founded in 1989 and today it is the largest in the world for the production of elastomeric insulation. K-FLEX® is a successful Italian company that has established itself worldwide. The company is present in 63 countries, with production facilities in all continents and more than 2500 employees. As the fastest growing company in the industry worldwide, K-FLEX® is also a global player in the sectors of building services, refrigeration and air conditioning, rail, shipbuilding, automotive, beverage industry, solar industry and OEM business. 

In 2017, K-FLEX expanded its factory in Poland to become the largest and most modern production facility in Europe. The in-house logistics center was massively enlarged and thus offers even more choice K-FLEX®.  

The world's largest factory is operated by K-FLEX® in the USA.

In July 2018, the logistics center in the Starpark in Halle (Saale) was opened, which offers the logistical prerequisite for expanded production capacities. With an area of 10,000 m² and an internal height of 12 m, the new K-FLEX® Logistics Center Leipzig-Halle is the largest logistics center of its kind in Europe.

K-FLEX® is convinced that it can bring the benefits of elastomeric insulation products to the market. By strictly respecting its values, K-FLEX® creates unique products for the insulation market:

Performance of K-FLEX® products

K-FLEX® makes no compromises regarding the performance of its products. K-FLEX® products must meet the technical specifications in ANY environment and therefore generally exceed them. Independent test laboratories certify this voluntary commitment of K-FLEX® at regular intervals. This ensures that K-FLEX® continues to set the standards in the market.

Moreover, K-FLEX® offers the largest product range on the market. Customers, as well as processors, are able to realize even complex projects exclusively with K-FLEX® product solutions.

Price / Performance                                                                                            

K-FLEX® is convinced that it can bring the benefits of elastomeric insulation products to the market. K-FLEX® offers the right insulation for every project and every budget. Without losing focus on the best possible quality.

K-FLEX® products ensure the best price-performance ratio on the market.

This makes K-FLEX® the ideal partner for both large and small projects.

It would be possible to avoid much of the world's environmental pollution by using insulation materials in a professional and consistent manner. The fast return on invest is given due to massive energy savings. For this reason, professional insulation will gain enormously in importance in the future when the protection of air or our health is in question. 

As the world's leading manufacturer of elastomeric insulation products, K-FLEX® assumes its responsibility towards the environment and society. One example is the absence of biocides, such as Microban, in K-FLEX® products. For most competitors, "halogen-free" only means that the legal limits are complied with. K-FLEX®'s halogen-free product range contains NO halogen and is therefore unique on the market.

K-FLEX® packaging fulfils several clever functions at once. They are not only recyclable - thanks to their intelligent design they can be used by the installer as a tool. K-FLEX® uses particularly space-saving packaging to protect the environment. 

For K-FLEX® the safety aspect of insulating materials is not an option, but a matter of course. K-FLEX® is therefore conducting an open information campaign to inform about the important key properties of insulation, such as "low smoke". K-FLEX® not only concentrates on the development of special fire protection products, but also continuously expands its proven all-round products with additional safety functions.

K-FLEX® products meet the highest safety standards. This is regularly confirmed and certified by renowned - especially German, but also European - institutes. The system of external monitoring is a strong argument for K-FLEX® products and can not be taken for granted.

Due to this independent and responsible acting, K-FLEX® is always one step ahead in terms of the safety of its products.