About IMI Hydronic

IMI Hydronic Engineering (formerly TA Heimeier) is a global supplier of hydraulic distribution systems and room temperature control. The IMI Heimeier, IMI Pneumatex and IMI TA brands offer system solutions for pressure maintenance, separation & degassing, adjustment & control, actuators and thermostatic control.

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IMI Hydronic Data set

IMI Hydronic data set with products from IMI Heimeier, IMI TA and IMI Pneumatex. IMI Hydronic's valve data set includes all relevant products of the product groups:

  • radiator thermostatic valves
  • radiator lockshield valves
  • regulating valves
  • differential pressure closed-loop controllers
  • pressure independent control valves
  • regulating valves

The data set is suitable for the following liNear software solutions:

IMI Hydronic company profile

IMI Hydronic Engineering: three strong and well-known traditional brands

IMI Hydronic Engineering Germany GmbH (formerly TA Heimeier) is a global supplier and specialist of hydraulic distribution systems and room temperature controls. Thanks to many years of experience, the company is familiar with the various aspects of hydronic distribution and is a competent partner for optimizing and increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems. Due to the merging of the brands IMI Pneumatex, IMI TA and IMI Heimeier in 2011, the know-how in the areas of pressure maintenance and water quality, adjustment and control as well as thermostatic control was united. Our partners in trade, commerce and design get system solutions from a single source. For more than 85 years we have been focusing on long-life and high-quality products. This philosophy is reflected in the selection of raw materials, the resource-saving production processes and not least in the technology of the products. We support our partners in designing energy-efficient and economical plant systems.

IMI Heimeier - first choice for installers 

IMI Heimeier has been producing heating valves for more than 85 years. As the market leader and well-known name, IMI Heimeier and its products can be found in almost every second German household. Quality, precision and reliability are essential for the success of the company. Towards the end of the 1960s, Heimeier set new standards with the development of thermostatic valves with liquid-filled sensors for fast and precise temperature control. Thanks to its flexibility and other special features, the award-winning K thermostatic head is certainly the highlight of IMI Heimeier and remains the first choice among installers. 

IMI Pneumatex - visionary and strong-minded 

Founded in 1909 by Carl Stücklin, the company originally focused on the design of heating and sanitary systems. After the Second World War, the Swiss supplier also offered complete heating systems (including boilers and radiators) from a single source. Today, IMI Pneumatex is a pioneer in pressure maintenance and water quality thanks to its long experience and continuous drive for product reliability, excellent customer service and innovation.

The company has innovated a number of products, such as the revolutionary Butyl Bag Technology. The proprietary vulcanized butyl rubber has the lowest gas permeability in the world, making it five times more diffusion resistant than average. It helps ensure that your HVAC installation is protected by market-leading gas tightness that delivers extraordinary reliability, safety and performance. A further success is the Zeparo separator - a complete product family for the active assurance of water quality to prevent corrosion in the system. 

IMI TA – passion for knowledge 

Founded in 1897, IMI TA is the oldest company or brand in the group. Once known as AH Andersson, the Swedish company became internationally successful in the 1980s. The philosophy has remained the same until today: a passionate drive for knowledge research and development. Innovations such as STAD - the first manual adjustment valve on the market - and Ametal® - developed in the 1960s specifically for water-based heating and cooling systems, are pioneering in the company's history. 

Today, IMI TA can proudly present its wide range of products. Measuring and adjustment instruments, such as TA-SCOPE, which allow full control during commissioning or troubleshooting throughout the life of a hydronic system, and the new generation of the well-known STAD, are just two examples which show that the best components for optimized solutions originate from IMI TA.