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Buderus is a brand of Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH.

Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH represents the Thermotechnology (TT) division of the Bosch Group and, with its international subsidiaries, is a leading European supplier of resource-saving heating products and hot water solutions.

Bosch Thermotechnik has strong international and regional brands and manufactures a diversified product range, produced in a total of 21 factories in eleven countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Free downloads

  • Buderus CAD Product Macro Library 2021:
    • heat generators
    • radiators
    • combined heat and power units
    • hot water tanks
    • heat pumps
    • solar systems
  • Buderus product dataset:
    • radiators
    • dwelling and fresh water stations (2D schematic planning)
    • panel heating/cooling
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Germany, International , Russia, Poland
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Sales region(s):
Germany, International , Poland, Russia

Buderus CAD Libraries and Data Sets

Buderus CAD Library

The new Master Energy Control Hydraulic System Module (MEC HSM) is provided to the customer via the Buderus CAD Product Macro Library 2015/1 in well-known quality. All modules are available to the designer as individual 2D and 3D objects or in a system group via a configurator. The additional system buffers are also available in the library.


  • Product browser with German, English, Polish and Russian user interface
  • Product ranges adapted for each country
  • User interface and print output language freely selectable between the languages
  • Presenting products as 2D and 3D macros to be integrated into CAD drawings in AutoCAD-DWG format and universal DXF format
  • Technical data of gas/oil boilers, solid fuel boilers, combined heat and power units (CHPU), heat pumps, hot water tanks, solar systems, control systems and radiators
  • Information on special features of individual components
  • Creation of parts lists directly from the drawings
  • Material list with article numbers
  • Interfaces to programs of common branch software

Buderus product data set

The Buderus product data set contains calculation-relevant data for heating.

The dataset is suitable for the following liNear software solutions:

Buderus company profile

Heating technology with system
The international brand Buderus, as a system supplier, offers optimally matched components from a single source.

With a dense network of 52 subsidiaries in Germany, Buderus offers a wide range of boilers for oil, gas, wood and pellet fuels, control systems, storage water heaters, heat pumps, solar systems and heating accessories for all requirements and applications.

The components are matched to each other so that heating specialists are able to install individual solutions quickly and efficiently. As a partner of heating contractors, Buderus offers customer-oriented services such as training, marketing and design support.