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Finally fast & easy to the best result:

Automatic heat load calculation
directly from your Revit model!

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It can be that simple:

Our software solutions for the heat load calculation in the product video:

Features of liNear Building Analyse - Building Analysis

  • Automatic transfer of the building model for load calculations and dimensioning
  • Automatic update in case of changes to the floor plan
  • Direct navigation between liNear Building and the Revit model
  • Optimized room detection
  • Easy-to-use zoning tool
  • Automatic drawing, labeling and transfer of the dimensioning in Revit
  • Recognize wall and floor sandwich constructions and detect them as one wall/ceiling
  • Detection and consideration of ground approximation
  • Controlling the overwriting of parameters during data transfer
  • Optional transfer of the air volume flow rates for consideration in the thermal load calculation
  • Definition and transfer of further building parameters (e.g. apartment name, target heating and cooling temperature)

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Features of liNear Building Heating - Heat Load Calculation and Dimensioning

  • Heat load and panel heating/cooling calculation
  • Dimensioning of radiators and panel heating/cooling and transfer to CAD
  • Transfer and automatic drawing of the dimensioned components into CAD including labels
  • Easily create and copy building sections, storeys, apartments and rooms for faster detection
  • Parametric data model for easy changes across all modules
  • Extensive material library for defining components
  • Quick and easy calculation of U-values
  • Faster input by creating standard components
  • Automatic updating of already drawn radiators
  • Complete material compilation
  • ASD, Excel, GAEB and UGS export

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Only for a short time: You will receive both building modules from us

liNear Building Analyse & Building Heating

including the heat load according to international standards like EN 12831,  NF P52-612 or TS 2164 at the special price of

only € 1.995,- * 

(instead of € 2.950,-)

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* The offer is valid until 31.12.2019. All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping costs.

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