Become Authorized Partner or Reseller

Enjoy a stable revenue with up to 50% margin

Partner program to benefit companies of any size and business model

Who could be an Authorized Partner

  • Company which aim is to open a new business line
  • Company with dedicated employee for technical support of liNear Software

Who could be a Reseller

  • Company which aim is to get a new source of income

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 50% of partner’s margin and stable income from subscription
  • #1 software in MEP field with full BIM integration
  • Elevated support from the vendor
  • Comprehensive onboarding process
  • Flexible options to get higher margins
  • Partner’s margin can only increase throughout the year

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 9% of partner’s margin
  • #1 software in MEP field with full BIM integration
  • Minimal requirements – no need to invest into marketing activities, certification of the team
  • Elevated support from the vendor
  • Flexible options to get higher margins
  • Partner’s margin can only increase throughout the year

Become a liNear Partner

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liNear Partner Program

Professional software for design and calculation of engineering systems on the base of Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD platform, fully integrated in BIM-processes.

Workflow interface that users love
Users enjoy working in a clear workflow interface. The data displayed on the screen is always in the context of the tasks being executed, which helps to focus on the essence.


Taking care of the development of the partner ecosystem, liNear guarantees support and attention to partner business, focusing on supporting the development of steady income of a partner.

We create 
a partner ecosystem to combine professionals in MEP-field

Our partners help
companies around the world to achieve excellence in design processes of MEP-systems

Using liNear Software
and relying on our support and attention to affiliate business

liNear Partner Program: Authorized Partner

With liNear as a vendor and you as an Authorized Partner you get the chance to

  • become a partner of a high-qualified and professional team,
  • to sell and provide services for high-end products
  • to help your customer to establish a better position in his market through a higher quality of his design work
  • to have a stable income from new purchase and subscription
  • to earn on providing services: technical support, education, implementation of software in the whole BIM-processes of the customer

liNear Partner Program: Reseller

The status of a Reseller may be obtained by a company interested in promoting and selling liNear products. The task of the reseller is to search for leads and sell to the client. The reseller is not obliged to provide implementation and technical support services for liNear products.

A comprehensive process of adaptation and support by the vendor, a flexible model of transition between the levels of the Partner Program, as well as long-term cooperation open up new opportunities for companies to develop their business.


If a partner in the status of Reseller plans to develop expertise in the field of implementation of liNear products, he can fulfill the criteria for obtaining the status of Authorized Partner and change his status.